Monday, March 31, 2014

Zombies, Piranhas and Strawberry Shortcake. Oh My!

Well, it IS an eclectic household after all. But let's start with Strawberry Shortcake. On Sunday, March 30, 2014 Stella turned 4 and of course, a little photo shoot was in order to commemorate the milestone.

She decided she was too old now for all the frillies so we just stuck to a newly made strawberry and polka dot bandanna.

In case anyone missed what would become her signature style of camera posing, I offer this as a reminder.

Happy Birthday Stella, may there be many, many more annual photo shoots.

So, lets get to the Piranha's! Stella wasn't the only one to get a bandanna for her new collar, everyone did.
I tried to match fabric to dog, so it was a no brainer that Jack got one out of piranha fabric leftovers.

(yes, Jack has just been reprimanded for attacking the sheep)

As you can see the photo shoot scene disintegrated rapidly after I let everyone up.

 And the zombies? Well, a little bit was bought for Robin's kerchief since it was such a perfect combination of horror, sweetness and humor for the youngest of the pack. The fox stuffie survived, but not without intervention.

In the weaving studio Big Sal is already for sleying.

 Again that learning curve is slowing me down some. I took apart the beater to try laying the reed flat. It was awkward

and the beater is back together now with the reed in it and upright. I am still figuring out the easiest way to sley. They really mean it when they put "production"  into it's name because it can be a lot of work to change out things on this loom. It was made to handle long warps so that once you are done with the fiddly bits you can weave for yards and yards. This past week I was invited into a local weaver's studio to see her AVL in action. Hers was about 10 years newer and had been upgraded to a compudobby, but the mechanics and structure were pretty much the same. I even got to weave a little bit on it. A run of double weave wool blankets in twill that are absolutely gorgeous. Thank you E!

So, in the sewing room a new pattern was tried out: Decades of Style Matinee Blouse.

I loved the neckline but the peplum just wouldn't work for me at all, so from the bust down I redrafted a simple slight a-line shape in one piece and used up this sky blue slinky rayon floral from stash.

 I had bought a yard of a very light weight cotton/lycra blend and used that for the cowl neck.

 I've found these patterns very nice to work with and the sizing spot on. It's always good to have something a bit fancy in the closet!

Coming back to the usual style sewing is this last tunic. I fell in love with Robin's zombies while I was sewing his collar kerchief.

 Of course there was only 1.5 yards left when I went back to Fabric of Vision for more, but one must learn to make do when it comes to zombies I guess. Another fun everyday kind of top.

 Makes me smile and no one will be surprised these days to see me wear it either! Robin has promised not to wear that bandanna should we go out together.....;)

I know I promised a book list post and I have some good ones to share. Next one, really.

Parting shot: Picture taking can be so exhausting.....



  1. Happy Birthday to Stella! She really vamps in that strawberry bandana!!! She was such an adorable puppy, and has grown into a lovely lady! I'm ready to see you weave on Big Sal....this should be fun!

  2. Happy Birthday to Princess Stella. What a wonderfully busy post-I am thrilled that your new production loom is working out for you. What a project! Love the new clothes, especially that floral.

  3. Happy Birthday Stella! She always has been a camera hog, hasn't she!

  4. I love seeing your posts and all the projects! Never know what will be here. Happy Birthday Stella!

  5. I am so excited for you with your AVL........please don't hesitate if you have dobby questions......

  6. Happy Birthday Stella! She looks as sweet as ever. I used, and still plan to use, the AVL patent denter to sley the reed. I would remove the beater and sit eye level in the loom to thread the heddles and then put the beater and reed back together and sley away while sitting on the bench. No worries, you will get speedy at threading the loom soon!
    I will be spending the night in Ashland on my way down
    (and back too), to my workshop next month and along with the Co-op, hope to pop into Fabrics of Distinction. So excited about all that!

  7. Stella is 4! How time flies. She always was super photogenic. What a diva! Nice to see the matching use of such cute fabric. :)

  8. Happy Birthday Sweet Stelllaaaa! Love all the new bandannas, especially Jack's.