Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Navigating New Equipment

I don't know about anyone else, but I am slow, clumsy and rather inept when I have to learn or change a way of doing something. It applies to learning a new technique to improve my riding, sewing a different way and yes, learning a new loom. Big Sal is a big challenge for me, not that I'm not up to challenges, but with new steps come new things you have to look at in the process. I completely ignored the fact that she has most of her heddles on shafts one through eight, leaving nine through twelve with a decent amount for what I planned and woefully lacking on shafts thirteen through sixteen.

 So before I thread, I am going to learn to put heddles on shafts. Oh joy! Let's learn everything right away!

I would also like to point out that there is something new on her. Big Sal and I received an early birthday gift. A plain beam and the appropriate tension arm.

The apron that goes with this beam is hanging above it.

 Now it won't make one whit of difference on this warp, but it will mean next warp I can at least wind on as I usually do. It also opens the door for supplemental warps. How cool! I'm also getting a helping hand sometime next month from a long time weaver who uses an AVL and does nothing but warp sectionally, so there is hope for some proficiency in the future no matter what method is chosen. I am so excited and you can count on some more information about it as we get to it.

Besides spending most of the weekend in bed napping with 7 of my closest friends, some sewing was eeked out. I used a wonderful springy green Brussels Washer fabric (cotton/linen blend) for another of the pleated front tunics.

 I raised the front seam a bit more, accentuated the curve up to the side seam and lengthened the hem to just below the knee. This fabric has the drape of linen and hangs beautifully. Some pick stitched grosgrain ribbon adds just a little whimsy.

The pockets almost always seem to take as long as the garment itself. Lining and correct placement both on the tunic and to each other, but at least for me, I got to have pockets. Tops feel incomplete without at least one and with a weighty fabric, just one will make the garment feel lopsided when wearing.

Just had to share the logo on this sweatshirt that was waiting for me when I arrived in MA. It has become my favorite around the house shirt BTW. I don't know where my Dad got it, but Gene offered me good money for it. No way!

My cold is almost gone and I really can't complain. It never truly moved to become a chest cold but it certainly stuffed me up for a few days. Peter did get a round trip to the vet Saturday morning, some special canned food, a blend of liquid stuff that he hates and a thorough blood panel done all indicate that this is just a tummy thing and nothing worse. But watchful we remain. He is improving slowly. With age this seems to be the case, human or canine!

Parting shot: Alert! Alert! Contraband (nylabone) on the bed. Stella knows it is not supposed to be there.


  1. I too am pretty clumsy when trying anything new with the loom. I'll go so far as to say it takes me almost a yard of any new warp to find my rhythm. So I sympathize and wish you luck. The only way around it is to keep showing up at the loom.

    Love the spring green top.....especially when the only evidence of spring around here is the change in birdsong. Am hoping they know something that the weather service doesn't!

  2. Big Sal looks like she is ready for your first warp to begin. Hope the moving of the heddles goes well.

    Stella's ear is giving her away - it is alerting The Mom that something amiss is happening (of course Robin is not helping matters - little brothers are a pain).

    Love your newest top, the color is perfect!

  3. Big Sal intimidated me before she got more! So admire your craft. Great spring green tunic. With you on pockets. And glad Peter will be OK.

  4. good for you learning new things and recovering slowly! Now what was I doing….

  5. I like pockets in my clothes, too! It seems I'm always sticking stuff in there during the day! Your AVL is a whole new learning I'm sure you can handle!!!

  6. Good news on my pal Peter and what a pretty spring tunic! I agree with you on learning new stuff, as I have bit off more with computers and with knitting. I so look forward to seeing you and Big Sal.

  7. Such a lovely beautiful spring green tunic! I am taking a short fiber break this evening and catching up on blog reading. I have long ago embraced the fact that I will make a mess when I am learning something new and just dive into it as you do too. I think it is a wonderful way to learn! Sorry to read that you have been down with a cold. Looks like you had some good furry nurses to help you recover. Take care!