Friday, February 21, 2014

Pet Piranha

No, not a new addition to the family. "Pet Piranha" is the name of some totally fun fabric I bought Tuesday and just had to work into a top of some sort. I took my faithful Grainline Scout Tee pattern and did some modifications traced onto pattern paper.

 Longer wider sleeves, an above the waist seam front (gently curved) and back (straight), a front center pleat

 and some deep pockets and I had a completely different tunic. I liked the modifications so much I'm sure I will be using it again. And I love this fun print.

I also promised some pics of the other new fabrics that hopped into my bag. There is a lovely embroidered linen.

The stitched and scalloped border will grace the top of a linen sheet I am making. Should be a beautiful fold over detail. It was wide fabric and the plain white section left will become a couple of linen pillow cases. Even without a scalloped border linen cases are a treat to sleep on.

Some nautical print paired with a red oxford cloth.

 I just love that mermaid!

A plain grey/brown cross weave oxford cloth also found a home in my stash. A great neutral for me in this darker tone. There was some beautiful beige tones but it does nothing for me when I wear it, so the darker was the clear choice.

 In Salem MA I picked up a few yards each of a wonderful pick stitched grosgrain ribbon at a fun little yarn store named "Seed Stitch".

 I spent a few hours one day getting out of the house and doing some shopping in Salem. It gets a little touristy with all the witch stuff ( an understatement), but there are some gems there. A lovely bead store and a custom perfumer top my list of neat places. I spent quite a bit of time at Aroma Sanctum finding just the right scents. Her creations are all natural oils with no alcohol or chemicals. A boon for someone like me who reduces everything down to just an alcohol scent. I walked out with 3 different fragrances, all which can work with each other or stand alone. Beautiful web site so worth a peek.

Peter and I are both a bit under the weather. He has a bit of an upset digestive tract and is on rice and chicken bits for the time being and I have a head cold and am on Kleenex and chicken soup. Today I need to remove the beater and breast beam from Big Sal and get her ready to thread. There is also a special addition to her which arrived Wednesday as an early birthday gift from my Dad. I need to unbox and make some room. Pictures coming on that for sure.

No doubt while I sew and work in the loom room I'll be listening to the Olympics. The USA/Canadian Men's hockey game is today and no matter what I'm doing I'll stop and watch that. Go USA!

Parting shot: Smoochie, happy to be hanging out with Mom again.


  1. Piranhas, mermaids and sailors...what fun whimsical fabric. Love the scout tee and will share my striped knit scout recently finished. Have a great day!

  2. You and Peter give each other snuggles and comfort and take it easy.

  3. I love that top!!!! I am ever so anxious to see that nautical combo, too!

  4. Absolutely love your tunic. Great design details and wonderful print. Speaking of which, i adore the mermaid print. Guess i'll have to be brave now and sew it too, if you're going to! Hope you and Peter are feeling better.

  5. Fun piranha print!!! The top is very nice!!! Your trip sounded ever so fun and I'm glad you had a nice time. Even the weather keeping you there a bit longer sounded really nice to me. :)

  6. Judi, Thank you! I rather like my fishy top. Having the extra weekend at my folks was fun too.

    Coco, The mermaid print is almost done and I have to admit, I am buying a bit more to keep on hand.

    Prttynpink, You won't have too long to wait for the nautical me. It's over half completed on construction but I am holding up for some design details...

    Michelle, we did, a weekend spent mostly in bed napping with all the crew was just what the doctor ordered.

    Mary, Yep, still feeling the New England vibe I guess even though piranhas don't live in that cold area. Can't wait to see your Scout!