Friday, January 3, 2014

One Slow Step at a Time

It was a relaxing entry to 2014. No celebrations other than a nice easy quiet one at home.

Big Sal is now proudly displaying a warp.

 It may be worlds homeliest warp, but a warp none the less. I did a modified warping, measuring out 8 bouts and running them onto the sectional beam through a raddle. It wasn't until I was on the third bout that I noticed that all the leaders weren't the same length.

They are close enough,as I'll even it up at the breast beam and it is unlikely I will actually weave this whole 8 yard warp so shouldn't pose too much of a problem. This is all about adjusting (need to put on new leaders!) and learning and practicing, not about weaving something usable, although it would be nice to get a few towels off to do duty around the house. I keep a large tub of old towels for stuff you wouldn't want to use your kitchen towels on. It keeps our paper towel use down to a minimum too.

I solved the bench problem by ordering an adjustable drafting stool.

 This had the height range I needed and it was cute, inexpensive and comfortable especially now that I have my sheepskin thrown on it to avoid butt slide!

 It provides a wee bit of support on the lower back, the legs just fit between the treadles and it doesn't have wheels so it doesn't roll around. The bonus of course is that the seat turns so no contortions getting out from the loom like you would have with a bench. A good workable solution for this loom.

January 1 found me heading out the door for a ride on my trusty, rusty and chubby steed Cooper. He was very mellow and relaxed and certainly enjoyed the attention. The ride itself was awful. The ground has suffered from some major frost heaving. He would fall through the lifted ground. In some spots it was so evident it sounded hollow under his hooves. Needless to say we made it a very short slow ride. It just wasn't worth putting his legs in harms way and it makes for tedious going for both of us having to micro manage where he puts his feet. Not one to complain, he was happy to receive treats at the end, a second quick brushing and some hugs. I saved treats aside for the one left behind with the goats and he too got some enjoyment from our ride. :)

Little sewing has gone on over the holidays.  I am heading out for a 3 week visit to my folks on the 18th and have a fair amount of prep before I hand the household reins over to Gene. But I managed to get one thing done from start to finish.

 This dogwood print tunic in a lightweight canvas with some white linen sleeve and pocket details.

 I have pants cut that I would like to get finished for the trip too. It's somewhere on the "To Do" list

For those feeling the bitter cold and/or mounting snow, stay safe and warm. Snuggle in with a good book and hot cup of coco if you can.

Parting shot: The comfy chair, it's not just for sleeping!

A truce starts with a friendly kiss on the nose!


  1. Can't wait till you are actually weaving to see what you think of Big Sal. Also just noticed the board on top of the loom with finials. Nice!

  2. If you would rather that your pink towels become some other color, let me know - I'd be happy to dye them for you!

  3. I just love the parting shots. They remind of some I took of my two cats going up, down and over the sofa cushions a couple of years back.

  4. Please please please tell us where we can purchase the drafting chair with the seat height that works with the front beam. I am "needing" (wanting--the same really) one. Great fun watching the AVL come to life. Looking forward to hearing how you like it.

  5. I'm glad you got to start the new year riding! That seems like just the right thing for you to do! Stella and Robin never cease to amuse me.....they are true JR's! BTW, "hoppin' john" is usually black eyed peas and rice, and is more common further south where they grew rice. My brother likes to make it! Happy New Year!

  6. LA, the JRT duo is endlessly amusing most times. Other times they can be little stinkers, but we adore them and I am so glad I have the pair. They adore each other too.

    Ellie, The stool was an Amazon purchase. Search under Flash furniture tractor seat. You should come p with both chairs and drafting stools in a rainbow of colors.

    SusanF, I have been lucky enough to catch a lot of great shots of the kids. It can be tough though as other than sleeping they are perpetual motion machines....

    Laura, If they come out decently I might just take you up on that offer! Thank you.

    Louise, That was an owner add on. I'm the thrid owner of this loom and it was the first owner that added that board with the little finials. Kinda cute isn't it.

  7. That looks like a unique loom! Best wishes on your new weaving project.

  8. I have no idea what all the loom lingo means, but I am totally impressed with your setup. Enjoy time with the parentals!

  9. Wowser! If you do nothing more, Big Sal is beautiful