Tuesday, January 7, 2014


I've been quiet about the fall and now winter sports season, but it is no secret that I am a football fan (Go Patriots!!). These days I even have a basic understanding of the game! But football, alas, is a short season with limited play. There is another sport which I also follow. In fact I am told we have tickets to one of those games during my visit to Massachusetts. If you think about it, this just completed tunic will make sense.

 The colors, spot on for my home team. Skulls, perfect for this hard hitting sport. It was a very quick sew. I know this pattern by heart.

 Raise your hand if you have guessed the sport and the team?

I followed it up with another 2 hour long sleeve T shirt. I simply needed it. I don't always want or need a turtleneck under a tunic, but I want a light layer of something with long sleeves. Black is pretty basic and while it is not a favorite color of mine, like most people I can always use it in my wardrobe.

 For some relief from the dark and somber I couldn't resist playing with some of the bits and pieces of the leftover Flash Tattoo lining fabric.

Other than cleaning and organizing, errand running and other must do's ( yes, I have wasted a good number of hours watching football this past weekend too!), there is not too much to report. On the outside of things, the horses and goats have been enjoying some dry sunny weather for a few weeks. That is about to change as we get back into a more seasonal pattern and we really need the moisture. The fox has got himself a mate again this year. I have seen the pair a number of times around the property in the wee hours of the morning. And once in a while we have a deck sighting. The black tom cat has not been seen since early last spring and raccoons and skunks have been absent too from the landscape as far as I can tell. I can't decide if the foxes themselves are a deterrent or if there is another bigger predator that has our farm in their territory. Some snow might allow for a few answers with tell tale (tail?) tracks.

Parting shot: Truce kiss didn't work. Play must go on into overtime.....;)


  1. Really cute top - it must be for a hockey game!

  2. Definitely "go Patriots"!!! Your tunic is fun! I liked your black tee...was wondering what the pattern # was when I scrolled a little more and saw the "bits and pieces". I absolutely love those...I do every time you add them!!!

  3. I really like how you created the patch detail on the black top. Very nice.

  4. I know nothing about football but I sure would love to see a fox.. such lovely creatures. The puppy pucker cracked me up.

  5. I know football is the game with the funny shaped ball...those skulls must signify ice hockey as that is warfare as sport. Miss you lots and miss enjoying your sewing updates. Those are cute tops!

  6. I hope you watch the puck, I know from watching field hockey from the sidelines that you can get hurt if you don't ;))

    Not much going on at my place, I would love to see a fox!