Friday, January 31, 2014

Coast to Coast

Yes, finally I made it out of Oregon and hopped the country to Massachusetts. I even had a Samsonite moment having to run through Denver for a connecting flight. Just made it too with about 90 seconds to spare before the cabin door was closed and we shoved off.

I have no pictures to post since I traveled light and camera-less. Mostly this post is to take the time to thank EVERYONE for their kind words of sympathy and comfort. It helps more than you know. Thank you so much. I miss Bea and knowing that everyone shared a little in the grief and understanding gave much comfort.

It's been cold here in New England, but not as bad as a lot of the country. To my friends in the south and midwest, bundle up and geez, tell those southern officials to buy some snow and salt equipment for gosh sakes. Stay safe and warm one and all.

That's all for now, but I'll be back home after 2/14 and we'll catch up then!

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  1. Thanks for taking a break from lobster crunching to check in. Poor you dashing through Denver...not a great way to start a relaxing vacation!