Saturday, January 18, 2014

Well, Dang It!

Despite my best efforts I have absolutely no power over the weather, no matter what Gene thinks! I should be at the Medford International Airport checking in for my flights to Boston, but as of last night at 5:30pm, the first leg of my journey, Medford to Denver, is cancelled. It was cancelled on Friday too, so I had an inkling and looking at the flight stats site, there are a lot of other flights cancelled too. I think that blows my conspiracy theory that the Denver Broncos are controlling the airport so that out of towners can't come in and root for the other team. The real culprit is a freezing layer of inversion, or freezing fog. Dense, cold and almost impossible for small planes and airports to manage, especially since the FAA has deemed they can't seed the fog after dark at smaller airports. In any event, I have kindly been rescheduled for Monday and they even corrected the problem of having me leave from Cincinnati. :) I have nothing against Cincinnati (they have a first rate zoo), but it is a hell of a drive to get to from here.

Sewing wise, after a week of company and then trip prep, stuff has been sorely neglected. I tried a quick new pattern, Burda 7203 and it was a wadder.
Some companies and patterns do cut on sleeves well, others, not so much. This one fell to not so much. I"ll take the fabric apart and use it elsewhere. The Grainline Scout T is always a winner.

 Like the orange version, I lengthened this down to a long tunic, added pockets and have a garment I love in a wonderful cream double cloth fabric.

 Last year I embraced lighter colors in my sewing and I am so glad I did. Whites, creams and some pastels dot my wardrobe now at least in tops. The lighter color slacks for the most part, didn't work out quite so well. They just fall prey to dirt and stains too easily. Red mud on little paws does stain.

And remember that skull top, it is for a Bruins hockey game in Boston colors of black, white and gold. Thankfully that treat is at the end of my visit. :)

I did not get any further on Big Sal. I decided I didn't want to leave her apart with her beater and front beam off for weeks while I was in Massachusetts so have opted to commence threading when I return home and can do it in one shot and get her back together. Those are both big parts to store elsewhere and a bit of a pain in the butt to take on and off.

So, I have these couple of extra days to cuddle with critters and write Gene more cautionary notes and instructions to tape around the place. The lobsters of New England can breath a sigh of relief and make a break for deep water.

Parting shot: You're leaving me and Timmy. How could you?


  1. Your top is great. I love the fabric and your little touches make it so special.

  2. I really love that top....great for layering right now, yet perfect by itself when the weather starts to get a little better. Enjoy your time with your parents (when you get there!!!)

  3. Sorry your trip has been delayed. I'm so tired of this freezing fog we've been having, need to head out of the valley to see sunshine. What happened to normal winter weather - overcast and rainy? and snow for you!

  4. I'm sorry about your flight being cancelled. I hope that the weather clears up for you. What a great photo of Stella!

  5. Hope your trip can commence soon, sorry about the delay. Stella, I still want to know what happened to red Timmy? Love your sweet little face - Stelllllaaaaaaaa!

  6. I love the tiny little personalizations you do- so unique and wonderful!

  7. Like that tunic! Have a fun time in MA!!