Sunday, December 29, 2013

The Bounty of Bars, Books and Booty

blank bar is the third down from top

Yes, finally, the dobby chain is on Big Sal. The pattern requires 30 passes and I added an extra blank bar at the end so I would know the first throw in the start of the repeat.

 When I come to that I'll know not to throw the shuttle, just treadle through since none of the shafts will be lifted. Today, I'll start winding the warp on the warping board. Flesh toned pink yarn here we come. The warp will be 18" wide, sett at 22 epi (ends per inch) and 8 yards long. I don't think I could stand anymore of that particular yarn. Hopefully by the end of 8 yards I'll have both the bugs out and a much better understanding of the mechanics of the loom. Of course while I'm weaving I can also be plotting and planning the next pretty warp. I'm thinking a basic white cottolin or linen warp with some hot colors in the weft for a much needed run of towels. I need to build up a different weaving protocol with this loom since there are only two treadles and a fly shuttle to deal with. The weaving experience will be different and the timing between treadle, beater and fly shuttle all has to be mastered. Yes, it sounds like walking and chewing gum, but it's a little more difficult than that. :)

Since books have been mentioned in the subject of this post, I want to get right to them. In December I acquired quite a few. Some sewing and some weaving. Gjeani had asked about one of the books in my last post. I think she was referring to 16 Harness Patterns: The Fanciest Twills of All by Irene K. Woods. The pattern I pegged for is out of this book, #66, but there are many, many beautiful patterns to pick from.

 Also on the weaving side of things I was able obtain Bonnie Inouye's Exploring Multishaft Design. Now OOP and expensive on the secondary market. I found it in stock at Shuttleworks in Canada at the Canadian list price.

On the sewing side, I just couldn't resist picking up some of the newer Japanese pattern books.

 They have been released in English and I love the simple and concise instructions.
Nothing earth shattering design wise, most are loose styles, easy to sew and easy to wear.
At about $18.00 per book (less through Amazon) they contain between 20 and 26 patterns that can be traced off. Even if you only use two or three out of each book, it is still a pretty good deal considering the cost of some single patterns. And oh heck, I love to add to my small sewing book section when I can! I also picked up a very nice book of designs and history of patterns from the 1940's.

 I have always admired the details from that period and this was so nicely done I could not resist throwing it into the cyber cart!

So I guess that leaves us with booty. Simply put, I received many beautiful gifts, both from family and friends. I feel quite spoiled and blessed. My folks outdid themselves. Two beautiful king sized heavy linen sheets from Rough Linen

They are interchangeable, either top or bottom, like sheets use to be before they made them fitted. Our bed is low, so instead of sheet drag on the floor, I have made a linen top sheet. A seam is not so important on a top sheet and I can make pillowcases to match. See!

 Linen sheets are such a luxury, I feel like a queen getting into bed each night. A dear friend (who is also very talented), surprised me with a lovely quilt.

 She knows how I love white and color ways with a 40's kind of flair and this beauty took my breath away! The quilting is amazing, the back as beautiful as the top.

Even Gene got excited over this joint gift, a little telescope, just perfect for hauling out onto the deck railing and doing some stargazing.

 We have little to no light pollution up here, such a perfect gift, the night sky eyelash close. Thank you Dad!

 Finally, the golden tickets so to speak. Not one, but two gift certificates to my favorite fabric store.

 My Mother has been sucked in along with Gene. :) They both know about the January sale Fabric of Vision has on every fabric in the shop. They also know I keep a list of fabrics to look for during that sale. Some have sadly been sold out, but it is a long list and those are hefty gift certificates. They give joy whenever I pull a fabric I bought with them and make something and then too when I wear it. Yes, many times blessed and in so many ways!

Parting shot: Santa Paws!


  1. What wonderful gifts and that quilt is beautiful.

    On the new loom - do you have to use the fly shuttle? I would think I wouldn't want to unless the weaving is wide....but then what do I know as I don't have a fly shuttle.

    On my compu-dobby I had to slow down as it doesn't lift & lower harnesses as quick as my feet would move on the treadles of a loom - but it's not too bad as I could set it to raise and lower at the same time rather than the other option which was clicking the pedal to raise, then clicking it to lower - just one click does both at the same time.

  2. That loom is a total mystery to me! Sounds like a lovely Christmas, with gifts that will continue giving for a long, long time.

  3. You've been busy! Your new loom is so pretty, even if it never worked, it would be beautiful. Looking forward to seeing your first piece.

    I envy your lack of light pollution. Florida has such wonderful wide open skys - but I'm close enough to Miami and Ft. Lauderdale to have a lot of night light. However, I do lie out on my driveway every year for the late summer Perseid meteor shower.

    Enjoy the gift card purchases...sounds like fun! What nice thoughtful booty you all gave and received.

  4. That book on fashion of the '40's made my mouth water!
    Happy new year!

  5. Thanks for showing the books, I will try find my own copie as for now I think it is the same one as on
    Have fun weaving and exploring!

  6. Fun post! I loved using my flyshuttle. The rhythm comes fast. I have a lot of those weaving books. I will be swinging through Ashland on the way to a painting workshop in May and might have a moment to swing by the fabric store. It is a jewel of a store for sure!