Sunday, December 15, 2013

Rome Wasn't Built in a Day

And neither has my AVL production dobby loom, but we've made progress.
Here is the day in a few pictures.

Today, I'll hang the harnesses and try to start to make some sense of the inner workings of what has been dubbed Big Bad Sally.

Parting shot:  Robin, first day home at 8 weeks old. Time flies. He'll be 3 next spring.


  1. Not "Long, Tall Sally?" The warps you can put on this loom will/can be loooong!

    Nice work - Robin was so cute! My Lyra is now 6. I look back her puppy pictures and the bring a tear to my eye!

  2. wow, reminds me of my Holland Glimakra, only more complicated....

    I had a JRT for a month not long ago...still recovering.

  3. I think you'll have lots of fun with your new loom....congratulations!!! Robin has grown so much...but still just as mischievous!

  4. Dude, that's a big loom. I wonder if your cats will think it's a wonderful jungle gym, as mine did?

  5. It looks like exercise equipment now. Good luck!! Robin was, and is, adorable.