Thursday, December 19, 2013

Bring on the Ugly

No, not  Big Bad Sally herself, but the yarn I'm using for the first warp certainly is.

 This yarn was a freebie a number of years ago.  I just couldn't figure out a way to use flesh pink colored yarn in anything. So there it sat waiting for its chance to "be" something. Finally, a purpose for the fugly yarn! A maiden warp, likely full of mistakes and adjustments. A no tears solution and it's now the perfect cone to have on hand. :)

This is how Big Sal is looking these days.

 The flyshuttle/beater is on,

 the brakes and weights on,

 the dobby box is waiting on it's fine adjustments and I need to wedge the loom up and have Gene help move the bench over to the shorter holes on the right side of the loom. Having the vertical support bolt for the bench under the footboard is a stupid set up and no doubt in later models has hopefully been relocated. But it is what it is.

Its previous owner was not as vertically challenged as I and it is important that I get the correct weaving height for myself. If the holes there don't work, I'll go with a free standing bench or chair. I only have two treadles to worry about and the half length bench offers no structural support to the loom frame itself. Christmas week will be a quiet one around Runamuck, and will allow for some slow, thoughtful learning as I start in on my first warp.

There has been some sewing other than gift stuff. I am ashamed to say something left here without a picture, but that is what happens at holiday time. As always, we are down to the wire with shipping the Christmas box out and it just had to get wrapped and packed and GONE.  But this lovely wool blouse is on Rhonda waiting for antique brass snaps and hemming.

 I used Sewing Workshops Zigzag Top (now OOP), for this cold weather favorite of mine, with it's high snug collar and wide A-line shape. Perfect for a turtleneck or long sleeve T underneath. I wanted a pattern I knew well for this beautiful Italian wool. I opted not to do pockets. If they are there I will use them and over time, they drag a top down. I did have a bit of fun with back detail and elbow patches.

 If I grow tired of it, it is easy enough to remove and/or replace. This was all done in wool that I had felted down. A heavily modified Scout Tee is done.

 There is a story behind this. I had wanted to order Tessuti's Lily Dress/Tunic pattern. Then I thought about the cost, the printing and the endless taping all for what?

 Basically a long T shirt dress with some hem pleats and pockets. Did I REALLY need a new pattern for that. No, I didn't. I modified what I had (which is really one reason why one sews to start with.), and did my own thing.

 The fabric is Brussels Washer, a linen/rayon blend with great texture. A great pant fabric and also a wonderful tunic fabric with it's season spanning weight and drape.
Linen without the excessive wrinkles!

Hope everyone is having a great holiday season so far, with family and friends near and far checking (or rolling) in and the cheer is all good!

Parting shot: Cat on a Cold Stone Porch!


  1. Big Sal is looking good. My AVL's bench goes all the way across the loom which makes for an undignified throwing your leg over the seat to sit down. Some AVL's have a half seat which makes it easier to get in and out. I can't tell which one you have. Smart move using yarn you don't care about to practice. Good Luck!

  2. Welcome Big Sal! Looks like you have a big adventure ahead of you, I am really looking forward to hearing all about it. I am living my AVL fantasy out through you ;-)

    Love Roger's cute little face in the window.

  3. Have fun with Big Sal..........

  4. Have a fun time becoming friends with Big Sally! Lovely tops, and I look forward to my time with my Zzpattern.

  5. Have a fun time becoming friends with Big Sally! Lovely tops, and I look forward to my time with my Zzpattern.

  6. Would it be possible to "create" the correct height by drilling holes for the bench? I don't know how it's attached, but unless they totally anti-engineered it, I would think that it's possible. I wove on one of those at a weaving workshop, hosted at a friend's house (round-robin style), and one of the samples was on her loom - it was really fun... But I don't have room for a loom that big!!

  7. The fox on the 2nd one is cute!!!...I love those details! Merry Christmas!!!

  8. I love her name Big Sal! Her bench would fit me just fine!

    Love your sewing as usual, and...Merry Christmas!

  9. It looks like you got her together just fine! I can't wait to see how she weaves for you. Love the tops!!!

  10. LA, I think I did, but the proof will be when she is up and running if I got everything properly in its place. I love the tops too, the orange one will get worn to death since I can make it span a number of seasons. I think more are in order....

    LOTL, Yep, Big Sal fits and Merry Christmas to you too!

    Judi, I just can't resist a good fox print in fabric. And so popular these days. I am in fox heaven.

    Laura it would but you would also have to cut and rethread the hole for the "leg" that holds it. Much easier to just do a free standing bench if the short side isn't right.

    Mary, Did it make the trip cut I wonder? I don't think so. But you'll have fun with it when you get to is, I promise!

    Cindie, Thank you. I hope she is as big hearted and unfussy as her name might imply.....

    Martha, I hope she is a wonder. I am looking forward to clearing the decks and concentrating on her after tomorrow. Glad I'm helping you live out a fantasy too. Who knows, you might just want to spring for one yourself some day. Rodger did look pretty forlorn in that photo. It's a ploy.....

    Shuttle Hook & Needle, I think I like the half bench instead of a full one, but time will tell. With just two treadles this is one situation that might be more comfortable using a chair with a back.