Monday, December 23, 2013

Follow That Sleigh!

Jack's ready!

Yep, the folks at NORAD (that would be North American Aerospace Defense Command) are going live once again and tracking Santa Claus on his epic annual journey.

If you want to keep up with St. Nick's progress and play with some of the new features while you wait for the sleigh to get packed, here is the link!

To all my blogger friends and their loved ones, a very happy holiday to you all. Thank you for your words of humor, encouragement and support in the past year and I am looking forward to "seeing" you all in 2014. Now go, make merry! :)

Parting shot: Wake us when the goodies arrive!


  1. Do you ever wonder just what they are dreaming about??? Merry Christmas!

  2. Merry Christmas! Based on your blog, I got the Archer Shirt pattern. Since it's been years since I sewed anything but sheep coats, I am starting with a bag to take over purse duties when I fly to San Diego in January. Hopefully, I can get the camera, the iPad, phone, wallet with the card about my knees when they set off the alarms, and perhaps some knitting. It's rather large, but squishy. I'm having a good time, and even hand basted the edges of the lining to the outside. I'm way more patient now at almost 60 than I was in high school, when I sewed all my own clothes. It's wisdom, right? (or dementia...)

    I look forward to hearing all of your adventures in 2014 - maybe Michelle and I can get down there with the horses!

  3. I'll bet Santa arrives at your house before mine and he will unload a lot of dog treats for the young-ins. Have a warm and cozy Christmas!!!!

  4. LOL, love that parting shot. And a very warm and merry Christmas to you!

  5. Love reading about your Christmas and of corse seeing the pics of the dogs. Looking forward to your postings in 2014.