Monday, August 12, 2013

Women Who Ride with Goats

Sounds pretty exotic doesn't it? The reality, pretty flippin ridiculous. Goats are not good riding companions. In fact they are quite annoying.

The winds and temperature aligned and made for some perfect riding conditions this weekend. Little to no smoke, cool in the high 50's/low 60'sF and pretty darn fresh horses. Cooper was the Saturday ride and not a single goat thought of following.

 I guess we didn't look exciting enough. It was a lovely ride, although my mount was heavy in the face and for him at least, a bit excited. He did most of the trail ride at a trot or canter and wanted to gallop. Even gave me a little lift from behind when I allowed some speed, which we nipped in the bud right then and there. Really Cooper, you aren't 8 any more!

Sunday was Dandy's turn. He's had some work in hand and in the round pen and a scoot around the property one evening bareback, but no real rides in almost a year. At 18 though, he knows the drill. Of course, he would be the one the goats wanted to follow!

 I tried numerous times to chase them back from the saddle to no avail.

 In fact I ended up annoying my horse more than them. Nothing like taking a slightly barn sour horse, turning him towards home repeatedly, trotting and then stopping and heading out again. Enough! We rode with goats in tow, bawling, baa-ing and bells from behind. We certainly didn't sneak up on anything. Each time we trotted out, the goats bleated and then ran bucking, bell clanging on Ben's collar and bumping and jumping right into Dandy's back legs for safety. A lesser horse would have likely bolted, spooked or kicked but the red rocket was rock solid. Oh he had his moments, a little head shaking and balkiness at passing by the first cut off towards home, but the discussion was short and being a gentleman, he let the lady have her way. The goats were exhausted by the time we reached the barn again. Everyone had a big drink and settled down for a late morning nap. That included the rider. Next time, goats into lock-up before we even grab the mount of choice!

Parting shot: Three's a crowd.


  1. Oh...too bad there isn't a picture of the four of you on the trail!!!!

  2. Your description of your little "parade" had me laughing out loud! Too funny – and GOOD DANDY!

  3. Great chuckle to start my morning!

  4. Super fun! Goats are crazy but also engaging for sure.

  5. Haha, that's so funny! Who knew that the goats would follow along? The horseback riding sounds wonderful and the cooler weather sounds even better.

  6. What a great description of what could have been a scene from a movie! Good boy Dandy, and Ben and Jerry have certainly emerged from their shells.

  7. Loved it when you said you didn't sneak up on anything...what a little circus parade! Your goats look so darling but who knew they were so adventurous? Nothing wrong with having an early and your companions earned one!

  8. LA,On Coopers ride I brought the camera and there was nothing to snap. Should have brought it on Dandy's ride I know.

    Michelle, He WAS a good boy. Those goats though...such characters.

    Cindie, Glad to be of service! :)

    Nancy, Yep, goats are a little crazy. I have to admit, these two little wethers are much less adventuresome than the Pygora girls.

    prttynpnk- Oh yes, the reality was every bit as silly as I am sure the visual was...

    Judy, the goats wisely have bonded with the horses, and it is a good thing really. The horses will keep them safer than they know.

    Mary, I am so happy I did not return these two or fill my freezer with them.

    Joannely, I swear they heard us clanking around up at the Greensprings. Noise travels far in the mountains and in strange ways.