Sunday, August 4, 2013

It's a Nursery Out There!

If you want to see wildlife, build a deck, put in some plants and a water source and they will come. In droves! We seem to be the bird nursery at least. Yesterday morning while I ran the sprinkler over the garden, our feathered friends were busy teaching and showing off the new crop of fledglings. I'm sorry I didn't get pictures, but with muddy gloves, water spraying through the air and just simply wanting to be in the moment,
the camera never made it outside.

We did see, young bold little Oregon Junco's. The males with just a hint of the dark head to come. They peeped and cheeped around my feet on the driveway as I puttered.
Mr. & Mrs Red Breasted Nuthatch had some youngsters in tow and a first for me, a pair of Brown Creepers. The Western Tanager was spied again, his mate close by and I do believe some young, but they were flighty and didn't want to come down from the safety of the tall firs. The giveaway of course, is the chatter. Each set of parents is calling and encouraging their fledglings along. It makes for a very noisy morning indeed. We have at least three adolescent Black Headed Grosbeaks. The white patterned wing feathers are there, the head patterning coming in but the bright orange is just a hint as yet. They are probably safer that way too. The Chickadees are back too, so far I have only seen the Mountain variety, but I'm hoping to spy the favorite Chestnut Backed variety.

The garden is coming along. Edging has been installed for when I get the go ahead to put in bark mulch. With our extreme fire season this year, Gene asked that I waited on the wood chips please!

 But I have cleared a spot for a test shade garden. Last week I used Bob the little tractor to roll some rocks into place. Now that was interesting. He's a small tractor, but I finagled a big rock into his little bucket and then we almost tipped over it was so heavy. Oops! But we got it done. I've stuck in a few plants, some liking all shade, some sun to partial shade. I've tried to plant them in the appropriate spots. We'll see what works and what doesn't.  The center piece is a lovely true Mexican Orange.

 The deer have not touched it, but then again, I have been spraying repellent. In fact, the deer seem to have abandoned our area completely. "Seem" is the key word. They could be back at any time.

And speaking of centerpieces, we sprung for a fountain.

 We had seen this one a month ago at a local nursery and knew they were going to have a blow out sale in August. We waited and kept our fingers crossed that at least one of the two in stock would still be there. It was and it came home with me Friday.

 Friend Mary drove over from Klamath Falls and we made a shopping day of it in Ashland, with visits to Fabric of Vision ( of course!), Bloomsbury bookstore, Prize (eclectic gift store), and a nice lunch at a little underground deli on the main street. Yesterday evening while I was taking pictures of it, another new bird stopped by right on cue.

 I believe this is an Orange Crowned Warbler. The bright crown is kept hidden except in mating season and times of great alarm. A pretty bird none the less.

The hummers were out in full force and who can resist taking and posting decent ones of these little jeweled gems.

 This is a male Calliope, in one you can just see the spot where he has bright throat feathers which he can flash at will.

The color displays die down in most birds after mating season is done with.

Parting shot: A very focused Robin. He was watching the hummers spar.


  1. I know all your feathered friends are loving the little water fountain! Great pictures!

  2. Pretty pictures, and the fountain looks wonderful.

  3. LOVE the fountain, and the rest of your garden, too! I came home from horse-camping (the dogs were with us) to find almost all of my hostas stripped of leaves, thanks to the "meadow rats." :-(

  4. What a great post!! I love birdwatching too, and it's so neat to see photos of the birds was different areas. It sounds like you're going to really enjoy your new fountain/garden. You moved those boulders, really?? Wow, I'm impressed. That must have taken some careful maneuvering. Nice job on the plant choices.

  5. I love to watch birds...Mr. Lady likes the birds of prey and I like what he calls Little Birds. This past week we saw osprey catch fish and show off at the Outer Banks. We used to have a rock we called Tasmanian Tiger. We brought it home from a hiking trip using teamwork. So heavy and half as big as yours. Unfortunately we forgot to move it when we moved away from that house.

    Also at the OBX a lovely grey fox snuck out of the thicket to visit Mr. Lady at the outdoor beach shower and have a drink in the runoff. I saw the fox from the window above the shower and wondered if he was making a new friend. Turns out he was! Of course no pictures.

  6. What a wonderful post! I love your new fountain, so natural. Glad the birds like it too. I have fauna envy - you and Gene must love to sit on the deck and soak in all the birds and animals. You've really transformed that side of your house, so pretty.