Sunday, August 25, 2013

Splish Splash

This Junco is certainly enjoying its bath! Probably as much as I was with the camera handy.

 The last week has been spent watching the skies. Every day a Red Flag Warning for thunderstorms and finally, after we had begun to scoff at the warnings (only a little), the rumble and rains came. Thursday morning brought the beginnings, a few showers, a little growling overhead, a flash or two from somewhere far off and wind. By mid morning, it had cleared out and steamed up and then just like the last train to Yuma, the afternoon brought some pretty serious cells right to us. The sky darkened, the lightening flashed and the ground shook. I had horses spooked in the pasture, goats bleating pitifully from under a tree and torrential rains all while I worked to get up a short run of tape fencing that encloses one side of the small run in barn. I had left it down when I had taken Bob in (about 3 weeks ago), to finally push the winters manure up into the pile to sweeten for a year or so. Stupid me! They went in, but at every overhead crash, came bolting out like racehorses from the gate. They sure didn't look fat, old and slow! ;) Ten minutes after changing into dry clothes I decided to feed everyone a little early, coaxing the boys to settle in shelter. Of course I got wet, again and needed to change, again. By dusk, the ground soaked, the skies clearing, the hay eaten, it was quiet and chilly. 16 fires were started, a couple up in this area and ODF (Oregon Department of Forestry), was on it. Friday crews in trucks, on foot and in planes were out looking for smokes which are fires that may have started but were just smoldering instead of igniting the surrounding forest. A few were found, a couple of tip calls and a morning of investigation yielded very little. We lucked out, again.

But the week wasn't all craning our necks watching the sky

 or hunched over the computer storm tracking. Friend Mary visited on Wednesday and took a spin on the Murphy loom. Her first time weaving and she took to it like a duck to water. (Or maybe a junco to a birdbath?!). I wonder how many people have learned to weave on this fine old loom?

By the time she finished up the last prayer flag on the run I started last summer, she was throwing that shuttle with some finesse and rhythm!

 I cut off the run of five flags and quickly hemmed and tied them together and sent her off with her own set of prayer flags. Maybe they will grace one of her beautiful gardens!

There was also a little sewing going on. I played with the Kimono Jacket (Bold & Beautiful book), pattern. This one was cut longer, the bottom hems modified and finally, an additional panel added to the right front both for length and interest.

 The back details are a small piece of flower dyed linen that I was given one day ( in June!), spent with Mary and friend and artist Anna at River Garden Studio.

 Roxanne is an amazing artist and we all had such fun that day, laughing, sharing fibers and loading up on inspiration. Right now I have a new barn coat in process.


This is mental practice for starting work on my Dad's coat.  I want to get my skill set up to par. While his coat will have a silk lining, this pattern, Sewn Square One's Upline Coat,

has all the pieces underlined with the lining fabric.

 Something different, fun and a bit challenging!

Parting shots: Handsome Rufous Hummingbird. She was happy to sit for me and I was more than happy to snap some great shots.


  1. So glad you got some RAIN with that lightning! Would love some rain here; everything needs a good rinsing. Dust; ACK!

  2. I love all your bird photos Theresa, and yes, our art play day was much fun. We need to do another one soon...Anna

  3. Love the bird pix! Yes, it was great to have some rain, wasn't it? And early this morning too.

  4. Beautiful birds, lovely clothing sewn and as usual, a fun post to read.

  5. We had a deluge yesterday, as well. The clouds were present in the morning, and never cleared. We had almost continuous thunder by 8:30, with swirling winds. Fortunately, there was lots of rain to go with the lightning! Dodged that bullet again!

    I like the shirt - I've always liked asymetry.

    Go Murphy!! And go Mary!!

  6. I'm sitting in the living room barely able to hear for the thunderstorm overhead and rain beating on the windows. We get fires in the Everglades (just 2 miles from me), which is very sad, but generally during the dry season, not now when we have rain constantly. Hope your luck continues to hold.

    I just love all your birds. Do you talk to them? My old friends are very tolerant of me, we chat. Hummingbirds are big chatters, perhaps yours will be as well.

    And I really like the blue jacket, longer length. Looks great.

  7. Love the new SEWN jacket in the photo with the collar open...the design lines and pockets are divine! Your custom pockets are even better! Those rufous hummers are so fast and this year in my garden they have gone plum crazy chasing each other before the migration south.

  8. I love visiting your spot. It's all so lovely and inspiring- I'm going to check out that coat pattern for me!