Sunday, August 18, 2013

In My Own Back Yard

Or really, my front yard. I have to admit, I have not been as observant as I probably could have through the years in regards to the summer avian populations. I've spied Tanagers here and there, a few different looking little brown jobs etc. but I haven't really watched and looked. No more! We have some beautiful birds and we are enjoying seeing the new and familiar alike. Junco's, Pine Siskins and assorted sparrows twitter about all day, but are heaviest in the morning. Yesterday early, on my third (and final), cup of coffee I watched the hummingbirds line up to take a dip in the bubbler of the fountain. They dove right in and then sat on it, spreading their tails and opening their wings. All liking the strongest part of the fountain itself. A bird version of a whirlpool tub I guess. ;) Of course I didn't have the camera handy and chose to just enjoy the parade myself. Next time I'll try to catch a few snaps. Wonder if bath day is always on Saturday?

So what new did we see? Wilson's Warbler

Cassin's Finch. This guy is substantially larger than a Purple Finch. Shy too!

An immature Blackpoll Warbler? This one is questionable. The problem with IDing
this bird is the black bill. It could be a Bullock's Oriole, or even an immature female Wilson's Warbler. I may send this pic to the local birding group for a positive ID.
If someone reading knows, PLEASE, let me know!

Spied without pics was a Hermit Warbler and MacGillivray's Warbler. I was buzzed by a small hawk or falcon while I was watering and doing a little weeding. Oh and one very brave or very stupid chipmunk is scampering about. No telling how long he'll survive once either Juno or Buzz realizes he is no longer way out in the woods. Tuesday night I just about collided with one of Grey foxes taking out the garbage. We were both startled. He retreated a little ways to watch and I drove the trash down to the bins.

Like most weeks, it has been busy. Finally, lining fabric arrived for a coat I'll be making my Dad. The lining is silk and was procured from a Belraf Fabrics in NYC. The main fabric a beautiful dark blue wool. This was purchased in MA at Sawyer Brook in Clinton MA.

 More on that when it's in progress. The new car went in for a service and I got to spend Tuesday morning with friend Mary in Klamath Falls while the dealership did their thing. Thursday was errand and shopping day and we sure had them stacked up. Seven stops.  Friday I finally got to spend time in the sewing room. Finished up a pair of pants

and a simple black voile sleeveless top.

 Started in on some wonderful green denim cargo type pants. The cut out pile has been going down slowly.

Today, a little sewing, some cooking and pick-up work around in prep for painting next week.

Parting shot: Buzz: On the hunt.


  1. Oh, you are making me want a fountain so I can see bathing birds! Of course, I don't have a home in the forest, so my results would probably be different. What rich payback you are getting for your landscaping work!

  2. We have had a marvelous bird year here...but oh, a warbler on camera! Hmmm...Buzz...are you a good boy?

  3. Michelle, just a birdbath attracts them too, doesn't have to be a fountain.In fact most fountains are too deep for the birds to enjoy. The appeal of this one was it's shallow lower tier. The deer too are enjoying the fruits of my labor. :(

    Nancy, I was pretty happy to catch that little fellow. Buzz dreams about catching those birds, but in reality, rarely does...

  4. The lining fabric is really beautiful and won't it make a splendid showing when your Father removes his coat. All the birds are simply beautiful, mother nature at her finest.

  5. LOve the avian pics! Thanks for sharing them. The plan for your Dad's jacket is so nice and that lining is TDF. Your sewing this week has been so pretty to look at and I am inspired to attempt some pants to round out my wardrobe of OLD, WORN OUT casual pants. I recognize the detail on the back of the voile (vwaw)tank top.

  6. Sounds like you're catching the bird watching bug. It is fascinating to keep track of regulars and spot interesting visitors. You're right about iding them though, not always easy.

    I know your dad will love that coat. You always pull together the best combinations of fabrics.

  7. You have the neatest birds up your mountain! I can just imagine them flitting around and chirping! Great shot of the patrol cat too! Cool fabrics for the dad coat...I look forward to seeing it too!