Saturday, August 10, 2013

The Attack of the Killer Tomatoes

Not quite, but this is pretty graphic and bright. Fun to wear too. It seems to me that I also met the goal of sewing with lighter colored fabrics. I need to round up the recent sewing and see if that is true. There is no question that I do love bold prints.

 I still love my giant strawberry curtains and while the tomatoes are not as big in this print they are certainly bold.

So to tone it down a little lets look at a reissue by Moda, something they don't do very often either. I missed out on the first round, but jumped on this the week it came through the door.

 Paint by numbers made into a simple 3/4 sleeve tee.

Having a little fun with the back label.

And finally, toned down completely, a heavily modified Scout, done as a tank and with an asymmetrical neckline.

 A terrific "under" top of  whisper weight woven chambray or for show on a hot summer day.

The week passed by so quickly. I did a lot of morning puttering in the garden.

 The air for the most part was way to smokey to consider riding or dog walking. Quality has been so bad that The Shakespeare Festival has been cancelling their outdoor plays in the Elizabethan Theater left and right. I am sure a great disappointment for many and a huge loss of revenue both for the company and Ashland in general. I was down in town Weds. night for a dinner with a friend and couldn't believe how much worse it was in the valley. Grants Pass must be unbearable.

The afternoons have been frittered away either at the cutting table, in the kitchen or with book in hand and dogs in lap. The paint cans are coming out, the brushes, the painters tape all have migrated from their resting places to the upstairs counter. Today, I'll play with 3 color choices for some downstairs walls. If I like one of them the color may also find itself  used in an enamel form for the staircase, which could use an update. Depends on how ambitious I get.

Doe and fawn spied off in the back of the property.

 Lately deer have been hard to find and avoiding the garden. No doubt that will change as their usual browse starts to disappear and my succulent, well watered plants look tastier and tastier. So far electric shocks and deer repellent have had good effect.

The evenings have been spent tracking thunderstorms and we have had a few each night. One coming quite close with a few good strikes within a couple of miles of us. Spotters have been going out on and off as weather and time of day allow to look for smoke from anything smoldering out in the woods. It's hard when everything is so hazy and smoke filled all ready. Such is life come summer in the forests and grasslands of the west.

Parting shot: Taking it easy.


  1. Love all of your tops, Theresa, and especially that back tag detail. Your garden is looking nice also. Were all of those tops made from the Scout Tee pattern?...Anna

  2. Great tops! What is that pattern? Your garden is looking really nice.

  3. Hi Theresa

    I have to tell you. Your sewing gets me going. For some reason I wasn't sewing even though I love it. I started a blog about UFP's (unfinished projects) and that too helps.

    Thank you for being an inspiration.
    PS Love your parting picture of the pets.

  4. Hi Theresa! Been away from the blogosphere for a while. I LOVE the asymmetrical neckline on the tank. Stay safe and cozy up there in the mountains.

  5. You wear me out, Theresa! I think I dream of sewing more than I sew these days - I've gotten hooked by new books and a new cardigan I'm knitting. Your tops are so nice, love the bird pattern and killer tomatoes. Garden is looking great, settling in like it's been there a while.

  6. Beautiful crop of tops! That tomato top is too cute!!! Stay safe!

  7. Your post title made me laugh as I thought about that awful Killer Tomato movie. Great fabric find! Your garden is looking good and I bet it's so nice to be out watching the wildlife/birds.
    Enjoy your week,

  8. Are humans allowed on the couch too? :)

    The paint by number fabric is gorgeous! You must have the prettiest wardrobe around. You create so fast, how do you get to wear them all?