Thursday, December 27, 2012

The Holiday of Sharp Pointy Objects

There was a more than a fair share of sharp, pointy and dangerous things under the tree. Most exciting though, a small chainsaw!

 Light, short and just perfect ( and the only time you will ever see it on my dining room table!), for dealing with routine limbing and cutting jobs around the acreage and low and behold, it had my name on it! And don't you know, everything like that comes with its own accouterments. Specialized head gear, it's own dedicated gas can, oil for mixing with the gas and the promise of chain saw lessons once it is safe for a neophyte (watching all the Texas Chainsaw Massacre movies doesn't count I'm told), to maneuver around. Two plus feet of snow has put a damper on trudging out into the woods.

Gene and I both received pocket knives. Gene's is all business, sturdy and sharp, ready for bear skinning or something. Mine on the other hand, pretty and classic and just right for around the barn and to keep handy on the trail.

 Plenty sharp too. Oh and talk about creative wrapping paper! Someone had fun with this after I had turned in for the night.


The new wall oven finally got installed.

 Just in time for Christmas Eve pizza but it was quite a chore getting there.

 The opening was correct but the ovens where quite different in how they were configured. The old oven had the power supply coming out of the top where it is lower in depth providing a place for the cord to go when you push the oven all the way in. The new oven the power cord was on the bottom and the oven, a bit deeper overall. Needless to say, it would not go all the way in since those cords don't like bends where they are hard wired into the wall. Gene did two things, he changed power supply to exit the oven from the top instead of the bottom and also raised the junction box where it was hard wired.

 It was time consuming but I was so thankful once it was all done.

The second curtain was completed and hung

 and the new funky lamp made it just in time on Christmas eve day.

 This lovely graphic vintage danish dish that was thoughtfully gifted, is taking pride of place on our table.

 How fun!

Snow removal has not been easy or fun. The Jeep is out and has been transported via flatbed to have a spa treatment on it's carburetor. The plow truck that was going to finish the job around here was too long and too light to make some of the turns or go up the hills with all the snow. So, looks like a bigger piece of machinery will be needed to fully open up all the snowed in spaces, a cat or backhoe or something. Until that happens the Subaru is staying put since I would never get it back into place once I left it. We've had more snow than the last two years combined so far.

I think that about covers Christmas 2012. And a fine one it was. Now its into a new year we all go!

Parting shot: Supervisor Jack, on the job.


  1. What a great Christmas you have had! Love the chainsaw, it makes me think that maybe I need to ask Santa for one next year. Your new oven is awesome! Mr Jack does indeed look to be a good supervisor! I see that Lucky Lucy has made herself at home already - good girl Lucy! Happy New year to you and the kids

  2. I had the same problem when I replaced the 40 year old oven at my house! Not only was the space slightly smaller, but the electrical supply was in a different place! How wonderful that Gene included all the safety gear for your man!!!

  3. hooray for new ovens! your mid century modern nest is delightful :)happy new year!

  4. Love the bowl and knife and wrapping paper! A couple years ago I got a shredder/chipper and gloves...I love it! Too bad they don't make different colored versions instead of orange for the feminine gender. Having a new over is so cool! We replaced our 20 yr old one when sparks came out the was time.Sorry to hear about the depth of snow and all the troubles that have come with it...fingers crossed we can get a little warming trend to ease off on the snow accumulation! Happy New Year with your new presents, new dog and oven and very helpful husband!

  5. Love all your 'sharpies' for Christmas - great new toys to play with. Off to have a peek around your blog...J