Sunday, December 16, 2012


Something that doesn't happen often with me and fabric and color. But home decorating, that's a whole 'nuther nut to crack. I'm always better with someone else's decorating dilemmas! And mid century modern is a place I haven't visited until now. Before I die it's likely I will have lived with just about every style/period of furniture out there. And I like it that way. Living with the same kind of furniture forever, for me, would be like reading the same genre of books. And it's cheaper than moving because don't you know, I wouldn't mind living in different house styles (and places) too! :) My own form of wanderlust.

Last Thursday was the one day last week that had fine weather and off I tootled up north to Sutherlin OR to pick up 4 dining room chairs. The drive was spectacular. Going north brings you through some spectacular forests and hills. It is one of the prettiest sections of highway I have ever traveled. And there were not just any chairs either, but dog bone backed Heywood -Wakefield chairs.

 I use to live in Gardner MA, on the same road as the old Heywood Wakefield factory, (there are 3 pages to that link, click on "next" at the bottom), drove by the giant chair daily and in general took all that beautiful blonde mid century goodness for granted. I mean you could pick up cottage chests and dressers at tag sales every weekend for a song. Imagine my shock and awe when I looked at adding some more Hey-Wake to my decor now. OUCH! Anyway, these chairs were marked very inexpensively, affordable even by Gene's standards and that means a real steal. ;) They look so much better than the old ladder back chairs, which were a leftover from another dining room table, long covered in storage in the basement.

My indecision comes from picking new fabric for the chair seats, because what's on there now is just plain awful. Pity too because the original fabric was beautiful, but has seen better days.

 So, this is what we did yesterday morning.

Yep, I dragged out a ton from my stash to try, color, texture, scale etc. plus the yard I had bought for the project. Now I wasn't really in love with any of it, but DH Gene felt the love for the black and white weave, and I figured if someone loved it, it was good enough.

 BTW, that fabric was the one I had purchased for the project, not from stash. It reminds me of birch trees and because it blends well with the rest of the choices so far, it will also be used for new curtains. The old lace ones need to be retired. The table will always be what it is, not of this period or any other, but is the one piece in the house that never will change. It was made for us, literally. The fabric has a pretty loose weave. If you had kids and these would be seeing hard wear, it would be a poor choice. I have backed it with fusible interfacing to give it stability and body. The curtains will get an interfaced header and hem but I will leave them unlined as the beauty is in the seeing the lovely patterned, slubby weave. Modern lace so to speak!

Our weather has finally settled on winter. The last few days have been cold and snowy. The ground is getting that nice hard freeze. The road has been ice and snow covered and rather tricky. The horses eat in when it's snowing and out when it's not. The donkeys all bundled up in their blankets. The only drawback to the cold is the constant struggle with keeping water unfrozen for the animals, but it's manageable. The horses love this kind of weather. I spied Dandy chasing Cooper yesterday afternoon. Bucking almost the length of the paddock, head up, snorting and just acting like a 3 year old.  Cooper caught the spirit of the play and they had a fine time tearing up and down the hill and around the trees. Self exercising at its best and such beautiful animals to reflect upon. And this certainly has been a week for deep reflection.

Parting shot: Pax.


  1. I like the fabric, too! I was thinking about curtains for my bedroom last night as I dropped off to sleep. I have 10+ yards of raw silk that I've moved Idon'tknowhowmanytimes, and while I know silk degrades in sunlight, I was thinking about backing it with a blocker of some sort. Of course, it's natural color, so I'd have/get to dye it!

    It's been snowy here too in the high plateau - and all my hoses, in spite of my efforts, have frozen solid. I'm now hauling buckets to the birds and Tang. I'm going to talk to my landlord about some reimbursement for waterworks improvements come spring.

    Stay warm!!

  2. You must be knee deep in snow after last night's dump and the way the weather looks down the mountain and on the will never see raccoon footprints! Love the new chairs and I agree about the fabric as it does not fight with the wood or table.Thank you for the furniture link!

  3. Theresa, how about weaving some fabric for you lovely chairs? That way you will have exactly the type fabric you desire.

    Love Roger snuggling with Peter, what a warm little nest they are sharing.

  4. I really like the bold b/w print! But your choice is better for matching cushions and curtains.

  5. Fun to see your different fabric choices. I fell for the black and white and agree with Thistle Rose, weaving your own could be a future endeavor!
    We are still getting sleet, drizzle and rain. I wonder what will be of New England anymore. Sigh. Pax to the furry ones and you!

  6. Peter has the right idea...snuggle with someone on this winter's day!!!! I can picture the horses kicking it up in the crisp winter landscape....I know that was a delight.

  7. LA, even more snow now. Very pretty but of course, it takes 50% longer to do anything outside.

    Nancy & Michelle, The black and white graphic print was my favorite too, but alas doesn't play well with the heavily carved and painted table. The woven b&w looks nice though and of the chairs period. If I ever find other fabric they are easy enough to change out.

    Martha, Now we know weaving my own would take forever! :) Doable though certainly. Something to think about for the future.

    Joannly, almost knee deep now, but not quite. Probably by Saturday!

    Laura, I have water close to the paddock, a short hose hung up after use drains well on the hill and good to go for the next fill.