Sunday, December 30, 2012

It Takes a Skidder to Make a Driveway


Boy, who knew I would ever dream up that blog post title, but it's true. The 30 plus inches of snow left us very little options other than big equipment.

Locally there are a few pieces of heavy equipment set up to deal with large amounts of snow, but drivers unavailable or equipment out of commission at the moment. The Box R Ranch came to the rescue though. Jesse, one of the hands, brought over a huge log skidder with a plow blade on it. I didn't get pictures. I just decided to stay the heck out of the way and let the guys get to it.

 When I finally did go out to do the feeding rounds in late afternoon, I took an extra trip around for pictures.

 I'd say we have a very good start on our snow pack, and there is more at higher elevations. I love the light of dusk, and I love the way the snow dips and rolls, covering the landscape in perpetual soft white waves.

 I can put up with a lot for the beauty it surrounds us with.

 But then again, it's not yet January. Come April, I may be pretty darn sick of the whole thing.

I finally made it to town for supplies on Friday. It was a quick trip, timed around need and storm fronts. I left at 8 and was home two and half hours later. With nicer weather predicted this coming week and the newly dug out driveway, I'll be heading to town for some fun shopping soon.

On the sewing front, I've been slowly working my way through a cotton velveteen jacket.

This is a wearable muslin (Simplicity 2508), for some cashmere blend coating I have. All in all I'm pretty happy with it. I had to shorten the waist and could have added more length onto the hem but a truly short jacket will work just fine for this test piece.

 Of course I'll make other changes and corrections for the longer cashmere coat but I think the fit is quite nice. This pattern offers an endless amount of design options.

 I'm hoping to finish this up today with the hems and buttons.

Before the Christmas holiday I made a very useful piece of clothing following another of the quick and easy patterns from the November Fabric of Vision Swig & Stitch. This one a cowl out of some nice fuzzy knit. I have no clue what is in this fabric but it is warm and snug. The cowl is wider at the shoulder end and narrows up to a funnel of sorts.

 This funnel end folds inside and keeps it quite close to your neck.

 A perfect addition to the feeding garb. The back of my neck stays warm and dry, even if I should go under a low hanging snowy branch. My neck and shoulders warm and protected from wind and wet under my coat.

Over November and December I also picked up a couple quick and easy small quilt patterns.

The buoy one was a gift. It was funny but I was designing a little quilt with buoys and low and behold, a sharp pair of eyes spotted this on her travels and picked it up for me.

Lucy is settling in pretty well. She is more energetic and busy than either Stella and Robin. The long legged Jacks seem to be more hyper in my experience, but she is benefiting enormously from our very steady routine. Stella and Robin are teaching her the joys of just chilling out under the covers. Jack on the other hand, is teaching her how to jump the half doors. Those long legs must have springs in them!

Parting shot: See Lucy, this is how it's done.


  1. Oh my! We had a dusting of snow last night, which is enough for now! YOU have a mountain of snow...just glad you got dug out! But all that snow pack is great! Gotta love Jacks...they are a treasure!

  2. you look so cozy tucked away under your blanket of snow busily sewing. Happy new year!

  3. From someone who lives in the tropics I just love your pictures of the snow - it seems soooo unreal to me!
    Happy New Year...J

  4. LA, I'm glad we got dug out too! It was getting pretty close feeling without being able to get in and out freely. Yes, Jack's are a treasure AND a trial. ;)

    Heather, I suppose we are tucked in pretty well up here. Good to have challenging hobbies
    for the long winters, because riding is out of the question. Happy New Year right back.

    Judith, The tropics are looking pretty good right now, but I sure would miss the need for winter sewing and woolen fabrics. Of course liene is second favorite.... ;)

  5. Love the design lines of your jacket and like you many options. Lucy and the new neck warmer are just too perfectly cozy! Having good neighbors is a blessing! Happy New Year!

  6. When I lived in Donner Pass (Truckee),CA I was in pure heaven all winter. Being a snowbird, despite the hard labor, I am most happy. Your vision of the landscape's dips and rolls is luscious. And yes, it will be ENOUGH come April!
    Are those Rockport MA or ME buoys?
    Love that Lucy cozy photo.
    Happy New Year to you all!

  7. WOW, I thought you had a lost of snow last time I visited. Now, I"m really impressed! What a treat the velveteen jacket photo was after all that lovely whiteness. Have to say the pups really have the right idea. Happy New Year!

  8. Brrrrr! I love that jacket. I'm going to look up the pattern. What a perfect time to be in the sewing room!

  9. Jacket love! I am experiencing jacket love!