Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Giving a Bit of The Bounty 2012

I would have to say, we're in last minute mode around here. A few stocking stuffers and some special edibles for everyone to enjoy over the holidays. And of course, sharing some of our good fortune .  Our supermarket has coupons you can add in at the register in amounts from a dollar to five available year round. The local food bank then is able to come to the supermarket and use those cash donations to fill in where they are lacking. The cash stays local and those most needy in the area benefit.  No doubt your area has a food bank of some sort too.

The animal shelter is always a good choice IMHO. Everything from monetary donations to toys, old blankets and towels are welcomed. Many shelters have a wish list, things they need or want. Check it out, often times they are not big things. Our favorite here is Dogs for the Deaf. Every one of their specially trained assistance dogs was taken from a high kill shelter ranging from WA to Southern CA. These dogs are then placed in homes all over the country after training. There is a $50.00 application fee and a $500. deposit which is returned after the dog and its partner have been together a year. They are expanding their program to Autism assistance dogs.

There are toy drives by the local police or fire and it is certainly easy enough to drop off a new toy in any of the boxes that are likely set up in YOUR town or city. Abuse shelters for women and children also often have some low key donation opportunities. Then of course there are many national and international non-profits doing good works. If you want to find and see their ratings you can check them all on line at Charity Navigator.
Maybe a gift in that hard to shop for person's name?

The point is, if you can, spread a bit of your bounty (be it in time, goods or cash to something near and dear to your heart),  this Christmas season, do it.  There are few enough easy things in this world that will warm your heart and bring immeasurable help simultaneously.

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  1. My local grocery store has the coupon at the check out, also. It just seems right at this time of the year to help out where you can. I can remember my little ones asking for change for the bell ringers many years ago. It's something I still do.

  2. My local food banks here and on the coast get a share of the donating bounty as well as the local shelter which has little, practically no funding. When at the grocery recently in addition to some dollars for the bell ringers I've picked up a candy bar at check out to give the bell ringer to snack on while standing there for hours - they have been very appreciative and surprised.

  3. I donate to all year long which gives loans to women (and men) who need sewing supplies and machines to produce items locally all around the globe to sustain their families through hard work. The loans are paid back and the money can be re-loaned or withdrawn. It gives me a direct link to other seamstresses.
    Have a look at some very happy sewers! So happy you mentioned charities, Theresa!

  4. We are doing it, now and all year long....
    sharing is good and it is the true spirit of the season.

  5. My Mother has always preferred to get a card from Heifer International in her name than another bathrobe- Im glad she's made me appreciate that!