Sunday, December 23, 2012


Since Wednesday night we have been getting a fine and furious dumping of the white substance.

 All told, about two feet so far.

 And it certainly caused a lot of headaches road wise on little old state Highway 66. We are allotted one state plow. When it's bad up here it often travels to help out on the Interstate 5 over the passes. Well, they'll just have to go fish (and so won't we!), because our designated plow is 30 feet down an embankment in Mill Creek where it will likely stay for a while. No injuries, but it went off at the beginning of the storm. That was just the start of a long day that included a jack-knifed big rig, a second Klamath Falls plow off the road, crashed tow trucks and numerous vehicles sliding into one another or off the road. Highway 66 was closed from 3:00 p.m. Friday until 3:00 a.m. Saturday when the jack-knifed tractor trailer was finally pulled up to a large turnout area. There it sits.  Poor Gene got called out at 9:00 Friday morning (1st ODOT plow), and arrived back home a little before midnight. This is what his truck looked like yesterday morning. I wonder just how he got home quite frankly.


But yesterday dawned clear and beautiful.

 For all the headaches a remote location provides, it also gives us breathtaking beauty.

 A fair trade most times.

 Our driveway is now half plowed, we can get out. Bob the tractor, who was stuck in a drift since Thursday night, was finally pulled out. Gene's now stuck Jeep will be unearthed today. My new wall oven which arrived last week will get in before Christmas. So really, we're left with our picture postcard views and another round of storms on the immediate horizon today and tomorrow. We are warm, we have food and we have power. It's all good.

In other news, a little sewing has gone on. The chairs have been recovered and I'm happy with them.

 It is certainly easy enough to do and change. One curtain has been completed and the other cut and awaiting hemming.

 To stabilize the fabric I put fusible interfacing in the curtain header and also a strip in the lower hem. This is a very loosely woven fabric, which is why I like it, but it's heavy too and would stretch out at the top then hang uneven at the bottom. And it's hard to sew. Many of the warp and weft yarns have threads wrapped around them, giving texture and interest. The sewing needles hate this stuff. Friend and fabric/sewing guru Sandi suggested not using the Pfaff walking foot, and doing a long and narrow zig-zag stitch. Worked like a charm!

I had some fun making a set of four napkins.

 I was able to go to both November and December's Swig & Stitch in Medford and this is one of the great little projects that was covered in November.

 Oh, and the beer and food pairings are pretty dang good. It's usually a big rowdy group at the Medford S&S and Ginger from Women Enjoying Beer brings her amazing energy and sense of humor making for a thoroughly enjoyable two hours.

Christmas is now down to hours, and like every year, the fine folks at NORAD are taking on the task of tracking Santa. You can follow his progress too, right here. :)

But wait, there's more. Last week I got a call from my vet about a Jack Russell Terrier pup in need. Her family had to rehome her. A nice pup, well bred and just 9 months old, spayed, UTD on everything and known at the clinic. Could I, would I, should I?  We all know the answer to that one don't we.

Meet Lucy, who is quickly learning how to be one of the pack.



And everyone, have a happy and safe holiday. Eat and be merry. Laugh lots and count blessings. Gosh knows, we have a number of "blessings" to be counted here and not just the four legged variety.

Parting shot: Oh, so you DO rest once in a while.


  1. We love JR's.....Mia is our fifth..!!
    She was a rescue with the same history as you Lucy....enjoy her, she's a cutie....
    Happy Holidays

  2. So Lucy arrived before the snows...I hope?

    Glad you are safe and warm. The weather sounds wild.

    The napkins, chairs, and curtains really evoke the era you are going for!! So cute!

  3. Lucy has hit the jackpot!!! Welcome to the pack...and right before Christmas, too!!! Your place truly is worthy of a Christmas card...thanks for sharing those beautiful pictures!

  4. Merry Christmas Theresa and pack. Lucy will soon learn just how lucky she is!

    I will enjoy the snow from afar and hope that we don't get our own snowmeggedon this year. Decor is coming along beautifully!

  5. We finally got out yesterday, main roads ok, long driveway treacherous - woke up to heavy snow this morning, tire tracks are being covered over.......but you've still got way more than we do being at that higher elevation. Stay warm and safe!

    Lucky Lucy had her Christmas wish come true!

  6. Welcome Lucy! We just adopted our 6th dog, a disabled lab puppy named Piper. So fun to have a new pup at Christmas.

  7. The chairs look great! That fabric is perfect for their style. And I don't think I could have resisted that little one either, though I keep telling myself one dog is enough, one dog is enough...

  8. Lucky Lucy! Your new curtains are beautiful and they look so nice with the redone chairs.

  9. Thank you everyone on Lucy's behalf. Her welcome in the physical realm has been mostly positive. I have a great crew of dogs, but not all appreciate the energy a JRT provides. Oh, and Lucy has an annoying habit of tail biting her playmates, which is not endearing to them. But we are all learning.

    Valerie, Puppy P/U was on Weds. at a small break in the weather, shopping too. I am having so much fun with decorating in the style of the era!

    Blue Ridge Boomer, thank you for stopping by. JRT ARE great little dogs.

    LA, I love the way the trees look after snow. When the sun comes out you can hear them shedding their "flocking" all aroud.

    LOTL, THanks for the kudos on the decor. I am having a blast with it.

    Cindie, Glad to hear your rolling again. Have a safe holiday yourself!

    Unknown, Holiday time usually isn't my pick for adoption, but it's a quiet household in general so not too much going on. Pets and hugs to Piper. Great name!

    Laura, THANK YOU! I'm pretty proud of my little decorating projects. Oh and two dogs, easier than one, really, hey are. Now 9, not so much.....;)

    Martha, They would look ten times better if I wove my own chair fabric though. You have me thinking you know. These open weave covers won't last forever even stabilized with interfacing....

    Michelle, We are learning to too!

    Restless Knitter, good to hear from you!

  10. Merry Christmas to you and your family!

  11. The snowy photos take my breath away! The chairs and drapes look sooo good and I just wish I had been able to attend the November Swig and Stitch to get that pattern for those darling napkins. Have a restful and super day feasting and enjoying your new resident Lucy!

  12. I have lived in the country where you can get snowed in pretty easily.......I think you're's a pretty fair trade off.
    Lucy is a love.
    Merry Christmas to all.

  13. Snowmeggedon! That's a great word!
    Welcome, Lucy! We look forward to many, many cute pictures!