Monday, April 18, 2011

Weaving Weekend

It's not like the weather is anything to write home about (rain and more rain) but the indoor activities made up for it. I am sure there are any number of people in the mid-west who trade their horrible weather for our soggy spring rains.

The overshot is in process and I am loving the long natural hued color ways of this beautiful yarn. It took a little doing but I have the two skeins close in color progression.

Instead of using the double bobbin boat shuttle I opted to wind them on one large bobbin together and boy am I glad I went that way. I don't have a counter of any kind, nor a scale, so getting two bobbins wound close in color was iffy. Doing it together solved that problem. The wool itself likes to grab and the two come off the bobbin as one plushy thick yarn. Of course when you wind a bobbin, your last cut end ends up on the bottom of the bobbin and that wouldn't do to keep my progression in correct sequence, so I wind onto one bobbin and then put it in my old Schacht bobbin winder and wind the bobbin I'm using in the shuttle off of it.

Then my bobbin starts right where it left off on the previous fill. Some extra work but oh so worth it. The sett was done at 16 epi, the tabby weft is a lace weight Nature's Palette silk and wool yarn that has been in my stash for a little while. I am still sad the company has stopped production of their beautiful yarns.

Due to the dreary weather we decided it was perfect soup weather, so I threw together a veggie and ham soup. Easy and tasty and with some fresh baked bread, a simple meal fit for a king and queen!

Time grows short here for me. I leave next week for MA and will spend this week getting everything ready here for Gene to take the reins (or should I say yoke!), of the farm duties. He is a saint for doing it too. I sure hope for everyones sake we have turned the corner on the weather by then and he has lots of sunshine to make the chores easier, drier and just more fun.

Parting shot: That's just wrong!


LA said...

I'm surprised you even got to take the last shot!!! Someone doesn't look too happy! The overshot is simply lovely!!!!

...Miss...Maddie's... said...

The pale tones of the overshot are so soft and comforting... as was the soup I'm sure.
Rain and snow here, Spring seems stuck in another place.
What a silly little doggie although probably not liking the fact you put a dress on him.
Have a great week!
Susan x

Theresa said...

Truth be told, Jack was so stunned I put that pink gingham dress on him he wouldn't budge. Stood there looking completely pitiful and embarrassed. Worse than the knitted hat of shame.
Susan, you're right, the tones are soothing and soft. I love color but I always find my way back to earth tones.

Thank you LA! And Jack appreciates your sympathy.;)

Cindie Kitchin eweniquely ewe said...

Love your overshot......but poor Jack, how humiliating! It's probably a good thing he loves you.

Judy said...

Poor Jack! He's a good sport,isn't he?

What lovely overshot you are creating!

Stay dry if you can.

The Sewing Loft said...

I do love what you are weaving now. The colors are some of my favorites and the texture and pattern in the design are really nice. First I looked at the dress,then I looked at the dog....whoaaaaa!!


Michelle said...

The weaving project is truly elegant-looking. The dog, not so much. :-)

Leigh said...

That parting shot is a hoot! LOL. The overshot looks great. I love the natural colors.

Renee said...

The weaving is elegant. I have to say though, I love the pot you made your soup in! Your caption on the final picture says it all. Have a safe and wonderful trip!

Anonymous said...

Poor Jack! to me he is saying - how could you! The overshot is beautiful with the natural tones.

Theresa said...

Judy & Cindie, Jack IS a good sport and Evelyn, he probably is wondering why. But he only had to last for the picture opportunity and we had a happy dog again.
Renee, the pot is a good one, one of a cheapy Wearever
set which I wish I had bought two of!
Thank you all for the comments on the overshot. I am really liking this woven piece a lot. Might be one of my favorites so far.

ladyoftheloom said...

Awww Jack. I had brothers and they played dress up with me!

The overshot is lovely.

Long Ridge Farm said...

ha, ha, ha...Jack, oh dear what can I say.
The soup makes me want to get home to my own stove again!