Wednesday, April 13, 2011


Well, it is done and it was quite the sewing journey. I learned a whole lot about this fabric and combining patterns. The shirt is quite pretty too, on the outside. The inside is not one of my proudest executions of sewing skills. And NO, I am not going to post a picture. :) No way.

The sleeves went in like a charm, so much so I have a note on the Shapely pattern that the one piece sleeve from Vogue 1226 fits well and will probably check that sleeve against other Petite Plus patterns to use should I want a one piece as opposed to the two piece sleeve that come with those patterns. The collar went in pretty well too, although,next run through I'm cutting the pattern with a higher V. It ended up pretty low. I like the slight flouncy ruffle enough to want to try it on another pattern or two. Who knew that this girlie detail would delight me so much? I certainly didn't.

The problems came with the front button plackets. They are attached in such a manner that the raw edge of two double layer ruffle pieces, plus the raw edge of the shirt all make one big whopping heavy bulky clump of fabric. The placket themselves are also interfaced. Now Rayon crepe has a lot of drape, it's a heavy fluid fabric and the front was terribly weighted down by all this stuff. I opted to forget the plackets all together, sew up the middle seam and press it open. The raw edges of the shirt are actually the selvage edges and they won't fray. I serged the ruffle raw edges on either side and ended basting the top of the V neck up ( need to make it a bit more permanent), about 3" for modesty. It works, it looks nice and drapes well, but as I said above, the inside nuts and bolts are not very pretty. I would be more likely in the future to do the ruffle a little differently and also work it into a better placket construction. If I were to use another heavy crepe fabric I would be tempted to do the underside of the ruffles with say a light voile in a matching color and as already mentioned I would certainly raise that low V a few inches right at the cutting table. The fun thing is, I feel confident in doing these changes. Granted, execution might be behind in skill level, but I can see just how to construct it and why. That's growth! We like growth.

An speaking of growth, Hannah Hollandia has her warped beamed on and ready to thread.

I have no sewing going on so my day is going to be devoted to all things loomy.
Some more work on the silk warp on the Delta, and get the threading / sleying done on Hannah. Overshot here we come. I have a decent length of warp on there and if I like the pattern enough, I might cut into some of it for sewing. Heck, why not! In fact, I ordered some more Hot Patterns and one specifically in mind for use with hand wovens ( but not this overshot). The scarf shirt has tons of possibilities don't you think?

Parting shot: Let me guess. Do you want to play ball? ;)


LA said...

Take a time out and play ball with've been BUSY!!!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you need the play ball break after all that sewing! I am curious about the way you arrange the lease sticks for threading. This is the second time I have seen the lease sticks sitting one above the other and quite far apart. I arrange them fairly close and level and wonder if your way is easier to thread from? I guess I will have to try it and find out!

Cindie Kitchin eweniquely ewe said...

you're doing amazing with the sewing - so confident to make changes to patterns, even pattern pieces. Maybe the inside of the shirt doesn't look pretty but you're the only one who will see it so enjoy wearing it.

Maggie said...

I love that you're able to say, what if I do this instead? I used to watch Shirley Adams' Sewing Connection, and she taught me to be brave when sewing. Lovely blouse!

Renee said...

Go Theresa! You have the right attitude and approach to sewing. No rule about having to show the insides of a garment unless you want to.
Hope the snow has melted so Stella can go play ball.

Judy said...

Another nice blouse for you to wear! You are very diligent about making a pattern work for you-I admire your sewing/tailoring skills!

Thanks for the photo of Stella! I needed a laugh this morning and she has such an earnest little face.

Enjoy your weaving!

Theresa said...

Stella got a few session of ball play between then and now. Have I mentioned she is rather spoiled? I should put a video up of her. It's not that she is all that much cuter than any other JRT I know but the sounds that come out of her are hysterical. Judy, glad she gave you a chuckle. She's quite good at that. Renee, she loves snow surprisingly but not so keen on mud.
Evelyn, hope I answered any questions you had directly.
Thank you all on the shirt comments. I am feeling a little better about the whole thing. Cindie et all, you're all correct, no one is going to see the inside but me!
Maggie, I must have missed Shirley Adams, but I need to go look her up!

Ada said...

Theresa, was this the PP Shapely shirt? If so did you do make any alterations to compensate for not using stretch fabric?
Love love love the fabric.

Theresa said...

Ada, This is the Shapley BLOUSE (SB) from her book as compared to the Shapely SHIRT(SS) which is available as a single pattern and does specify a stretch woven. I have made the SS with a regular woven, just increasing one size to accommodate the non stretch fabric and it has been lovely in both variations. The SB has darts, no gathered front yoke portion and a different neck opening. The SB has a deeper V that you can do in a rounded collar, pointed collar or no collar at all. Variations also include short and long sleeves. This is the first time I have used this Petite Pattern at all and did so because the neck line was close in design and size to the ruffle on the Vogue pattern. The SS really is suited to the one collar style as shown on the pattern. I think it is QUITE confusing to have a blouse and a shirt both with the prefix Shapely and I hope I have cleared it up. Oh, and the one thing I will do when I make ANY of the PPP is lengthen the sleeves, as written they are a bit shorter than I like. Something you might want to check if you make either of them.

Leigh said...

I love the blouse. Love the pattern, love the fabric. I have to say, you always manage to pull it off when it comes to sewing!

Sharon said...

I'm exhausted after reading your post. I feel like such a slacker! The blouse was worth the work IMHO, though the steps would have intimidated me into inertia. Love it!

I started winding a 10 yard warp while Alexia finished lunch and a TV show. Now I know why people have warping mills and I want one!

Long Ridge Farm said...

Very nice blouse and your attitude is great...and besides when you wear the blouse no one gets to look inside (most that is!) so it's a private place!
Stella's plea is quite common here too! When I work at the computer every so often a toy gets plopped in my lap with those pleading works, we go play!