Friday, April 22, 2011

Sewing Week

So, I said I wasn't going to sew anything more, but the new Hotpatterns that came last week were just too tempting not to try. I picked the Superfantastic Shirt and took a leap of faith on the pattern and used my dotty bird fabric. This is an easy pattern to love.

Tricky enough to provide interest, the fit is like a boyfriend/husband shirt, a little over sized, but the styling makes it all look so good! I was unsure of those long angled french darts but they are perfect for this shirt.

The shaping they provide from bust to waist is fab. They make the shirt curve slightly in all the right places. The front placket is 3/4 length with a nice pleat down to the hem, option for a true collar or just a band collar and a longer tunic length with a pretty shaped shirttail hem. It was so captivating I made a second one.

BOTH need to have buttons sewn on, so I will get my thread and needle out and go to work on those.

I also made a point of trying out the side cutter foot I bought for the Brother sewing machine.

Hey, it works! It's slow compared to a stand alone serger, very slow, but it gets the job done and worked very well on the cotton fabrics I used for these shirts. It is a nice option to have to do cut and overcast edges just by changing a foot on the machine.

The travel prep is in full swing and while most things are quite streamlined in ease, my boy Dennett has been anything but easy. He has been going on and off his food. A trip to the vet, blood work, worry and cash have all been expended. He is off old meds and on new which we are hoping will continue to provide a good quality of life for a little longer. I am hoping and praying for improvement over the weekend.
It's that fine line we're walking, but nothing in his blood panel indicates he is in any kind of chronic failure or pain. He is still enjoying his walks, and the afternoon meal seems to be relished quite well.

On the weaving front some progress has been made on the overshot. I'm into one of the darker color changes and it looks quite pretty.

Easier to see any mistakes on too!
I've sent off heavy rug wool via mail to Massachusetts. I'm going to give my Dad's Harrisville shaft switching rug loom a spin while I'm visiting.

Parting shot: When Stella sasses, we listen. :)


LA said...

Great new shirts for your trip East! Stella thinks they are sassy!

Cindie Kitchin eweniquely ewe said...

The new blouses look great! So, what's the other pattern cut off in that picture?

ladyoftheloom said...

I love the fabrics you choose for your blouses! I visited a fabric store in Falls Church VA when I was up there recently, G Street Fabrics. Not as good as it used to be but what a selection of fine fabrics! AND a $2.97 pile.

The word verification on my comment is "blessing". How appropriate for Dennett and your trip. Have a great time!

Gjeani said...

great blouses, I also love your overshot weaving. it is so nice in those white on white colors.

Sharon said...

You're going to have some cute things to pack for our trip. Interesting how you weaving and your dog are the same color~

Leigh said...

The blouses turned out really well and that side cutter foot looks like an excellent tool. I've got my paint swatches with my kitchen colors. Maybe one of these days I'll do some kitchen weaving and sewing, LOL.

Anonymous said...

You do find the greatest patterns! The overshot is looking beautiful and will look very iinteresting off theloom. I think I have a side cutter for my machine - never knew what it was! lol

...Miss...Maddie's... said...

Wonderful pattern... they'll go with any pant and look so comfy.
Sending well wishes to Dennett.
Have a wonderful weekend.
Susan x

Judy said...

You've added two very nice blouses to your sewing creation list. I like the band collar-it adds a unique touch that you don't see much any more on women's clothes. One of the great reasons to create your own unique clothes.

Sorry that Dennett's health is a little shaky. Here's hoping that his new meds even things out for him.

I didn't know you could get a fabric cutter foot for a regular sewing machine. I bet that provides a nice finish to your seams.

I love the overshot!