Saturday, April 9, 2011

Snow: It's Not Just For Winter

If I didn't have 12 outside critters all waiting on their breakfast, I would have turned around and slunk back to bed Thursday morning. As it was, my morning greeting committee was down to one (Buzz was staying snug in his barn kip), but Juno had enough enthusiasm on my morning arrival for both Buzz and I.

My kitty escort always brings a smile no matter the weather. I get the three nicker salute when I am halfway to the barn and many times a bleat or two from the peanut gallery. They may have their own selfish reasons to be glad to see me, but they are still glad to see me! The wind was wild, the ride on Bob into it, stinging you into a nearsighted and feral feeling blackness. The snow backed bodies, all nuzzling warmth and good cheer made the thought of being in bed and missing this, a quick and poorly planned thought.

It did make for a good day for sewing though. The second to last shirt is done.

I do love these bell sleeves and did a little linen ribbon trim on them.

The last shirt in process.

And what a process. I am calling it Franken-pattern because I am cobbling together two patterns to get what I want. It all started with this new Vogue pattern.

I loved the small ruffled detail going around the collar and down the sides of the button plackets. Nice full sleeves etc. Looked a little straight in the cut but was sure it would be doable. It says "loose fitting" on the envelope so it MUST have decent ease. Well, maybe if you're Twiggy! I am not and not by a long shot. The body of the pattern simply was too small even at the largest size. Ease my butt! What's a girl to do? Well, I could slash and adjust and add darts and finagle the whole dang thing, OR I could substitute a well fitting shirt body. One I know is cut for a fuller figure.( Note to self: Avoid patterns with no darts at all costs) With a little checking, a little measuring I came up with just such a pattern. A plain v necked blouse pattern out of my Petite Plus pattern book.

So, I'm using a PP body and the sleeves, collar and directions from the Vogue pattern. My main concern is fitting the nice Vogue sleeve into the PP pattern armhole and it's a pretty close match. Either pattern sleeve pieces requires some gathering and easing anyway, I should be okay and the rayon crepe looks to be quite forgiving. I did a beautiful placket on the first sleeve and then realized, I had put it on backwards. I had to take the whole thing off, one tiny black stitch at a time so as not to rip the fabric. Took me an hour. I called it a day at the sewing machine and threw the shuttle a bit on the scarf. I'll be back on that blouse to conquer the sleeve plackets today!

On a rather fun and surprising note, there is another weaver on the mountain! Her name is also Teresa and she has two looms that she is waiting to set up. How fun is that? Her husband is a new volunteer at the fire department. She is a retired elementary school teacher. And she lives right down the road less than mile.

Parting shot: Happiness is a warm friend to rest your head on.


  1. April is such a fickle can get all four seasons in one day! Your critters have the right idea...share the warmth! I'm so glad you have another weaver so close to you now! Enjoy!

  2. you're becoming a real seamstress over there!

  3. That snow is amazing! Very cold here, but no snow at least.

  4. Snow! Oh no. I know you love cold weather, but it sounds like it's time for a bit of a change. Looks like you're making excellent use of your indoor time though. And ... the last photo is absolutely adorable!

  5. Sorry for the additional snow as I know you are ready for warmer weather. Your furry friends must be really glad to see you in the mornings when you go out to feed them.

    I really like your soft yellow blouse with the green trim. Just in time for warmer temperatures, which are hopefully just around the corner for you all!

  6. Snow!! I'm so happy it's not here. I had better shut up I suppose we could still get some.

    I love the yellow blouse!!!

    Last picture is so cute.

  7. Oh for the love of pete! That parting shot is perfect!
    And you are sooo right about getting to the barn and no matter the weather...they just love seeing us. Let's pretend it's us! Not that silly feed thing...

  8. LA, fickle, that's putting it mildly! I think it's fun that both weavers share the same moniker.

    Cindie, Thank you. I will admit that some things are improving and some, let's just say they need more work.

    Evelyn, and some snow predicted possibly this week. Oh yuck!

    Leigh, the kids curled up together always makes for a great photo. They all really do like each other...most of the time!

    Judy, I sure hope we turn that corner onto Spring soon. I am so ready for it. I love that blouse. Totally impractical for me with it's light creamy colors but what the heck. I will just make a point of not wearing any where near the barn or horses.

    Bspinner, thank you on the blouse and the picture! Those three and usually Smoochie are the usual curled up together critters.

    Nancy, Oh I do pretend! Although they do all like to see me at other non feeding times of the day. Yesterday it was a lot of time with the shedding blade. Everyone enjoyed the individual attention.

  9. How exciting to have another weaver so close by! I saw your weather and checked our forecast. This time your storm is not going to be our storm. I'm sure it will snow again, but please dear god, later rather than sooner.

    Great sewing production from you - yikes. I'm a sewing weenie and have no desire to cobble two patterns together. You are ambitious but that's what gets results.

  10. Hi Theresa, I continue to admire your sewing skills and production. I groaned with you when I read about the snow. We had one and a half days of sunshine here. I did a trip up the coast and everywhere I stopped everyone was positively giddy about the sunshine.
    The parting picture is priceless. I am sure the heat will be in your area in no time. Hang in there!

  11. SNOW! Lord, it's like freakin 90* down here and the sandfleas are out in force.