Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Fiber Clubs

On and off through the years I have signed on for clubs. Mostly sock clubs in which you get a skein or two (enough for a pair of socks), with a pattern once a month or once every two months. I've enjoyed them, I've even made some of the socks, but mostly I make a pattern I love. The club usually far exceeds my knitting speed though and my stash started to look like it was being taken over with sock yarns, so I discontinued it. I was ripe when Benita and her friend Sandy wanted to start a spinning fiber club and joined on. What a lovely idea and I have enjoyed the surprise package every month so far. Of course I haven't spun a thing yet, but when I clear my bobbins up and get what's on there plied, the packages will come out for some fun.

The handout sheet with information on the fiber and it's properties is spectacular.

I love it! If you want to check it out for yourself the link is here. Oh and you get a beautiful big binder to put it all in too. It's all so beautifully done and the fibers are simply wonderful.

In other news, a little sewing has gone on, a little weaving and a lot of enjoying the few days we had ( yes, had) of sunny warm weather. I made up a Colette pattern doing it as a tunic rather than a dress and I have to admit, I don't like it much.

Looks fine, fits okay, could be tweaked, but wrap styles still don't send me. You never know until you try something new if it's going to work for you. But it was so worth trying. I like that sweetheart neckline and Colette does a nice job of drafting for a curvier figure, so don't think it's the pattern, it's the style that doesn't work on me. I loved the fabric so much, I am buying some additional yardage to make up into a well liked blouse pattern. I'll finish the hem up and wear it this summer around the house and not worry about stains and such. Won't I be styling shoveling manure in it!
I do have another shirt in process and one more I want to get done for my trip at the end of the month.

Then the machines will get cleaned and oiled and covered up for a rest. The looms cleared of projects and it will be spring break for everyone but Gene!

I have a few knitting patterns picked out for trip knitting. The lovely ladies at the Webster's were happy to put them aside for me until my next dip into town. Churchmouse Annabelle Cowl and their Welted Fingerless Gloves. One other pattern I'm bringing is this lovely one from Coco.

I love the big collar version and would knit it up as a vest instead of a sweater.

Parting shot: Oh MY! That's some yawn ya got there. ( love the little crossed paws)


  1. Lots of great sewing going on at your place!

  2. The fibres do look interesting - lots of enjoyable spinning to look forward to. The "tunic" looks nice, but the wrap style wouldn't be my cup of tea either.

  3. The fiber club looks very fun. Since it's small amounts of fiber to sample you could always take it for on the go spinning with a drop spindle.

  4. The fibers look like a lot of fun to try out, and Benita did a wonderful job of packaging them!

    I love the orange color of the blouse that you made, along with the neckline. Nice fabric.

    I know what you mean about sock yarn stacking up. I started weaving scarves with some of my sock yarn just to diminish my stash a little bit. Sock knitting is rewarding, but oh, so slow.

  5. Spinning club? Why did I not see this before? Looks like fun!

    cocoknits patterns are on my list as well. I even bought some euroflax sportweight for one.

  6. Lots of great work coming out of your studio, and plenty of excitement coming up too! (Love the neckline of that sweater pattern you've chosen!!!)

    I really like how the wrap tunic has contrasting ties....nice detail! (I'm not a wrap girl either....even on the rare occasions when they look good on me, I find them too fussy to wear much!)


  7. Trip at the end of the month? That's a cliff hanger, or have I not been paying attention. How odd that we're both winding up our sewing projects at the same time. Is sewing a winter thing? I like you project BTW.

  8. I am such a sucker for your parting shots! And the fabrics they lay upon...
    Ummmm, I assume the trip upcoming is....New Hampshire?!