Wednesday, May 9, 2018


There are some jobs that justify serious butt dragging. I am sure it varies from person to person. Stacking the dishes in the dishwasher for me is one, the other is adding heddles onto any of the looms. I have two perfectly wonderful warps waiting to go on the Spring (Sheila) and the David (Zeva) and both require I beef up the front shafts with more heddles. The David is almost done,

 just need to free the last batch from their twist tie bondage and cut the top loops.

Sheila is another matter. Now my Dad was pretty darn neat with his stuff, so the jumble of untied heddles is an anomaly. I made a jig and am slowly stacking them in groups of about 25 and getting them ready for the trip to the loom. The Spring is a true PITA to add heddles too, so there will probably be another week of pissing and moaning about. I don't do that often but when I do, I try to give it my all!

Weaving on Buttercup has progressed to these kind of pretty and sort of Christmas-y placemats.

The set of 4 will have two red and cream and two of the light green and cream I started with.

Then it's on to other colors, maybe more than two in one mat. See what strikes me when I get there.

A small easy little treadle gate was installed.

 Basically a cut piece of iron rod, pounded into a hole we made like a dowel and for protection of the side of the treadles, a spool of cotton rug warp. Interchangeable of course. ;-)

A very cute Teddy Tunic was made up of some light canvas fabric I've had in stash for at least 3 years. I didn't know what to do with it and I'm so glad I held onto it for this top. There are hidden side pockets so it makes it all that more wearable.

 I wore it to the spring garden event at the fair grounds last Saturday and received at least 4 walk up compliments on it to. Who knew a circus print could be so compelling?

Also another pair of the Trio Pants (Sewing Workshop), made it out and I'm hoping I can shrink them. I've lost just about 20lbs and need to go down another size. I have been using my little all manual Pfaff. It's such a workhorse it deserved a little sewing time.

 I have also been organizing loom parts and such into project bags. At least I can accomplish something while procrastinating on other things.

 Labeled and ready to grab as needed. I need a few more bags for the different looms.....

It's time for a Mom update. She is finishing her last round of chemo today. That's it. There is no more that can be done. They have arrested it's spread for the moment but this is incurable and terminal. I'm hoping she has a good number of comfortable months ahead, but it can just as easily take off. There is likely going to be brain involvement when it does step up again, assuming it follows a typical pattern spread. The oncologist is preparing her for it. There will be lots of scans coming up in the next few weeks.

Friend Cindie and I will be meeting up this week for our annual spin around the Grants Pass quilt show. I'm looking forward to it!

Maybe I should have listened to this song and I would have been weaving by now. BTW, this was my teenage favorite band, I saw them a number of times and I still love them. Any hearing loss I experience today can likely be blamed on them and The Who.

Parting shot: Fort Pillow.

Who goes there?


Michelle said...

You, my dear, are disappearing before our eyes! (Or you would be, if I was lucky enough to live near you. ;-)

Hugs to you and your mom....

LA said...

Congrats on those 20 lbs.!!!! It's a good thing you've got a head start on your new svelte wardrobe!!!! Way to go!

Susan said...

That tunic is glorious! I am a whiz at procrastinating - a personality quirk honed to perfection! Congrats on your slimitude! Good thing you can adjust your wardrobe easily. Are those Mandy's little eyebulbs peeking out of Fort Pillow? I do hope that your mom retains her comfort level - big hugs to you both. I'm with Michelle. I think we should set up a commune!

Peg Cherre said...

So now I have another thing to be impressed about - 20 pounds - YIPPEE FOR YOU!!

Are the latest Trio pants the same pattern as a few posts ago? Please share which pattern you used, 'cuz those pants are gorgeous.

Wish my arms were long enough to hug you from western NY, and to simply sit with you on the challenging days to come. My warm thoughts will have to do.

Theresa said...

Peg, Yes the same pattern, it is a favorite of mine but as I said, now OOP. I'm sure it can still be found on Etsy or eBay.

Susan, Thank you! I'm rather smitten with my adult circus tunic too. Yes, those are steely Mandy glazzies.
Can we imagine for a moment the menagerie we would all bring to that commune? :-)

LA, Yes, I do have a head start and am sizing patterns down each time I pull them for use.

Michelle, Hardly, there was an ample amount of me to begin with. I miss pasta and ice cream but do treat myself with each once a week.

Peg Cherre said...

Well, in typical Theresa fashion, it's clear that you have made plenty of modifications to that Trio pants pattern. At least from what I can see from your photo and the online pix of the pattern. This does not surprise me. ;-)

Fran in Aus said...

Those doglets of yours do make me laugh.

Martha said...

I am so sorry about your mother. No matter the age, it is always hard to lose your mother. I lost mine almost twenty years ago now and I miss her everyday. I hope she goes gently.

And I love the new tunic! You are so creative in your fabric choices. And yes, I am off to buy another pattern inspired by you!

Martha said...

What fabric are you using for the Trio pants?

Theresa said...

The trio pants were done in cornflower blue linen. I love the color, although it is not one I have a lot of in my wardrobe. I'm going to fix that.

Theresa said...

Fran, It's like a 7 ring circus here some days, and others, dull as dust!

Leigh said...

Your parting shots are priceless! And I'm impressed with how well you are organizing everything. Well done. Hope things go well for your mom. It's a tough situation no matter what.

Sharon said...

You had a lot of cheerful news but i was still arested by the reality of your mother’s situation. My heart goes out to you and your dad.