Thursday, October 5, 2017

Spinzilla Week

Yep, it's that time again, spinning on Team Web-ster's. Sewing and weaving are taking a back seat this week while I try to spin as much as I can. This is what I had to pick from.

My starting fiber was a hand dyed superwash merino/tencel blend. Looks like it ended up between lace and fingering weight once plied.

It was a lovely heap of fiber to work with, fast and smooth. Next up I'm starting in on some Ashland Bay Merino Silk blend, one of my favorites and it is a pity they have discontinued this line of fiber.

I'm hoping to get both bags of these lovely fibers spun and plied over the next few days. The only thing I have to do on the immediate horizon is can some pear conserves. Probably later this morning.The house will smell heavenly!

Before Spinzilla started I did manage to get the 10 yard hemp bath towel warp beamed on.

I didn't need DH at all and while my "warping valet" is pretty primitive, it does a good job.

 I need to remember to make my warp bouts a bit smaller though in general.

I also got Spike to the vet for a check up.

He is having some problems with Pancreatitis and is on a special diet right now to help. His appetite and energy level have improved and he'll be going back next week for a recheck. Fingers crossed we see the physical improvement mirrored in his blood work.

My little road warriors have gotten out for a walk every morning.

The group changes but Mandy is always there.  That long back benefits from good muscle tone and the vet tells me daily walks are the best way to go. She loves it and there is always a great discussion as to who the other one or two "warriors" will be. It was Hazel and Robin on Monday.

While there is no sewing going on this week, a new pattern did arrive. This is a vintage pattern that has been copied and updated. Pretty cute I think although I'll have to size it way down for mini Mandy.

The stash has some very nice wool scraps I've saved over the years and will have a go at this in the coming weeks. Oh and I did start in on the linen jacket. Not much done but next week I'll finish it up along with the holiday towel warp on Ziva the Louet David loom.

I think that about covers what's happening (or not happening!), this week. The news, of course, is depressing as hell and I'm just watching it, imagine living some of what's going on.

It all calls for multiple parting shots!
Hot dog with a jack Russell bun.
Baby Scarface


  1. Love the hot weenie dog and terrier buns! Baby scar face has healed up nicely. Please take a picture of the top of your warping valet, is it attached to the ceiling?

  2. Hot dog with a jack russell bun! hahaha
    Enjoy your fiber filled week...and I cannot wait to see the dog coat.

  3. Looks like a fun filled week of spinning for you! Maybe I should have joined Spinzilla and taken the week off normal 'stuff' to just spin.

  4. Your warping valet system is a keeper! I use hand weights with my bouts to keep the tension the same...but, whatever works, right? The pups have the right idea right news--just chill. BTW, Mandy is looking good. Those daily walks are doing the trick.

  5. Great closing shots! I'm a bit jealous of your Spinzilla involvement; maybe someday I'll be able to find time for that!

  6. Michelle, And I wish I was faster and could put in the time many other team members put in! But I do what I can do and everyone still seems to get fed. ;-)

    LA, Good idea but I don't have hand weights or at least enough of one weight. You have a good eye, Mandy is looking quite svelte and is much more engaged!

    Cindie, YOU SHOULD! I am wishing for an e spinner as I think it would certainly make my plying go faster, but I do love little Amelia Joy. Fate!

    Mary, I am avoiding big box pet stores because I know in a moment of weakness THIS will happen

    Martha, I swung over to your blog and gave you a link for the valet. Hope it helped! Baby scarface is spoiled little brat but we love him. Jack has no visible scar, and doesn't he have a handsome butt!

  7. Ok, I hadn't seen that commercial, and it is too funny!

    I use a very similar valet. I never wind more than 4 bouts, and will hang 2 together when I have 4. I use 1/2 gallon milk jugs, cleaned and filled most of the way with water, for my weights. Seems like just the right amount.

    Although I love to look at handspun yarns, I am not a spinner. Like I've said to people who ask me if I spin,"No, and I haven't even tried it. What if I like it?" There are just so many hours in a day, and since I weave to sell, I have to choose my activities. Plus I use very little wool in my weaving.

  8. I love that commercial. Can you imagine having that many four-legged sausages? Heaven! Or not. Mandy certainly is a little sprig. I wish I lived closer so that I could coerce you into teaching me how to spin. I have a wheel, I have fiber... Looking forward to seeing M in her lovely new coat(s).

  9. That pattern will be so cute! Mandy is indeed a lucky girl.
    I sortof did Spinzilla too. We went to the Trailing of the Sheep in Hailey Idaho, and I spun on my spindle as much as I could. I'll measure it tonight, but I'm sure I will be sadly lacking in yardage comparatively speaking. This is the third year in a row I've been sick during Spinzilla. What is up with that?