Thursday, October 26, 2017


I just couldn't resist! It is such an awesome coat, it needs its own fefe at the end. It also took me forever in sewing terms. Part was Spinzilla, part was getting holiday weaving done (it is!), and part was just plain old butt dragging. That leather collar had to be detachable, how best to do it? I agonized over leather flaps on the pockets, what kind of details to put on the coat and basically arrived at the less is more approach. I hate buttons, so I went with snaps for detaching the collar, no leather on the pockets and just a bit of almost sashiko done with some of the same cream to dark grey variegated yarn I had used on my birchbark runners. I credit Martha with the bits of primitive embroidery. Not a strong suit of mine.
So, showing off here are pics of the new jacket. Upline Jacket pattern by Sewn Square One.

Once I got past my sewist block I was excited to order some new patterns for winter sewing.

The Folkwear pattern has so many fun possibilities, the Style Arc dress gives a few new details to a cut I already love and the Named dress has that interesting almost saddle sleeves. That one may be a wadder as written but I want to give it a go anyway.

Did I mention I finished up some weaving?

I did didn't I. The snowflake/star towels are off Ziva David. I got 5 long towels from a a 6.5 yard and some warp. I'm happy.

And I also finished up on the pillowcase warp. Three nice cases. There wasn't enough warp left for a fourth but I would have woven about 3/4 of one to find that our. I suspected I had shorted myself on this warp and I did. No pics yet, but those will be coming. I have A LOT of hemming to do.

My weekly reading included some pretty fun little books. At one of my vet visits we had all discussed the merits of the Skippyjon Jones books and Dr. Beth had asked if I had ever seen Hairy Maclary books. Why no I hadn't. At my next appointment a few had been filched from her daughters library.

They are dog eared and much loved and if you have kids you are reading too, I highly recommend both series. Silly as it sounds, I am adding a few to my library. Teagan, (sp) now onto middle school would like her copies back. :-)

I picked up a cute little journal this week.

 It is a used book, spiral bound and with blank pages added. The story is retained throughout the book.

Mine appropriately was titled "Ball".

I think these would make great gifts so I have included the info on who does them. There are all sorts of books they use BTW.

Last thing I want to say is that I am so disgusted at our government right now, I could spit nails. It does no one any good. Participation does, awareness does and education does. There is no benefit to ignorance or the dumbing down of society. It is not elitist to be educated or believe in science. Stop vilifying it. There are three things I believe that must happen in our democracy. Everyone should participate in it, be it a year's service in the Peace Corps, the National Guard or some other branch of government (EPA,BLM, Parks Service?), or nationwide organization such as Humane Society, Unicef, Red Cross. (As an aside we have been having a discussion about the draft. Really, is it fair for just 1% of our country to be responsible to protect it. Maybe the reinstating of the draft would wake people up to just how far this war on terrorism has branched out), I am sure that there is something for almost everyone  Higher education should be free to anyone who wants to go and lastly healthcare for all. So instead of "did that just happen", I'm going to offer up a song each post because good music is universal and a pretty good tool for change too. :-) Click here for the song of the post!

Parting shot: In my own little corner on my own little bed....


Deborah Ritchie said...

So appreciate and identify with your thoughts/musings.

Michelle said...

What a beautiful coat you birthed after long labor! And the weaving is exquisite. I used to journal a lot, up through Brian's toddlerhood, and then, like a lot of things, it got crowded out/robbed of motivation. Too bad I have some unused ones sitting around (gifted to me by those who know I used to journal); those book journals are seriously tempting! Can the draft start with 45???

Peg Cherre said...

I, too, love the jacket! Curious as to why you needed the collar to be detachable.

And who wouldn't want to dance like Travolta did in that song? Or dance with Travolta? Of course no coincidence that you chose the beginning with that little terrier.

Susan said...

What a little ball of adorable-ness. I really like those patterns! So much fabric, yarn, patterns, so little time. That video just made my day. AF is a particular favorite of mine and to add John Travolta is just icing on the cake.

LA said...

I have heard of more and more high schools requiring volunteer service hours as part of their program. I think that's a good start. I'm always inspired by your sewing...and new patterns always give you a burst of enthusiasm!

Cindie said...

Love your new coat. Can't wait to see what comes out of the sewing parlor from the new patterns.

Love the song link. I just loved that movie and John Travolta. I actually own 4 movies and that's one of them. I like the idea of music because what's going on in the country is certainly more than depressing enough - I've cut back on my news watching.

Theresa said...

Cindie, I love Michael too and I ball my eyes out overtime the JRT gets hit by the truck, even though I KNOW he'll be brought back to life.

LA, That's hopeful news about the HS. There haven't been many patterns lately that have excited me, but these got me going.

Susan, Isn't AF awesome! I have adored her since I was a little kid listening to the Motown stations outside of Philly at my Grandparents.

Peg, The collar is a soft supple piece of lambskin, and the jacket is linen. I want to be able to wash it and keep the collar from ruin. No coincidence at all. JT has had some awesome dance scenes through the years. Twisting in Pulp Fiction anyone with Uma Thurmon?

Michelle, Yes, I think we should send him and his gun toting, animal killing sons to Syria. Heck, I'd even pay for their commercial flights! ;-)

Theresa said...

Deborah, You are welcome. I try hard to at least make my liberal rants somewhat productive. Peace!

Hilary said...

Love the the sewing........agree with your assessment of this country. And yes, I am sick of it.....beyond belief

Kim Gibson said...

Love the jacket and the pup! Detachable collar...genius!