Tuesday, October 31, 2017

All Hallow's Eve

Even though I no longer participate in Halloween (oh woe),  I do love a good pagan holiday! It appeals to my spiritual nature. Halloween has a pretty interesting history that stretches out long before it was co-opted by the early Christian Church ( and likely ruined). You can grab a quick read here on Wikipedia.

While I didn't make any costumes this year, refraining even from putting Mandy in a pre-made bun with mustard, (although I really, really wanted too), I did get some sewing salon energy working.
The new Stye Arc Patricia Rose dress was a joy to sew.

No alterations needed out of the envelope for a good wearable muslin. In fact I took a fabric I disliked and turned it into something that I'm rather smitten with.

There is but one adjustment I will make and that is to lengthen the bodice just a touch, maybe an inch. Some beautiful dark grey wool challis is aging in the stash that would work up into a beautiful dress using this pattern. Everyone needs at least one nice any occasion dress and this might be a perfect match.

This tunic got done right after the Fefe coat.

I love this linen cotton fabric and I love the tunic pattern too. It is so pretty on, either with or without sleeves and comfortable.

This second asymmetrical tunic has a secret.

 I have wanted to gussy up that crossover top flap for ages and when I saw this panel, while shopping the last time with friend Cindie, I knew exactly what I wanted to do with it.

I bought a second, different critter panel and you'll just have to wait and see how that one gets used. The challenge was the raccoon faced the wrong direction so everything on this tunic is reversed and thank god it was fabric that was the same on both sides because I had it cut out before I cut the panel. Whew, good save!

After these two got finished I had all empty buckets. A sad state of affairs which needed to be set right. At least once a year I make a Sewing Workshop Liberty Shirt.

It's a nice pattern and you can sort of see the fun canvas print I've chosen this year in place of the usual linen. I've also cut into some screaming orange linen for a tiered tunic. I'm making that one up using the Grainline Scout tee sloper. We'll see how that goes.....

While for the song of the post I was tempted to use Voodoo Child,

I decided instead on this, because who doesn't need a fun earworm. I have no clue who ya gonna call to get rid of it.

Parting shot: Sunday Patriot's fans on dropped snack watch.


LA said...

Good All Hallows Eve to you, too! That's one happy pack of terriers at your house and an awesome bunch of new togs for you!

Michelle said...

That's a beautiful purple – I'd wear that color! Such a pile of puppies....

Anonymous said...

Lovely new work out of your sewing room. Love the raccoon panel in the coat - very clever.

I really did want to see Mandy in the ever famous hat you made all the rest of the crew pose for pictures in a few years ago. Happy Halloween!

Peg Cherre said...

I love that lilac/lavender/berry/purple color. Nice, nice, nice!

No weenie costumes, this year. :-(

Susan said...

I will never get rid of that song now. I love the treat patrol gang - I bet a dropped morsel doesn't have the time to reach the ground. My goD you are busy! Your closets must be awesome...

Fran in Aus said...

Voodoo doens't have pins in it's teeny tiny hands??????

Theresa said...

Fran, LOL, not yet, but I put a pin or two per day. I discovered this doll made locally, bought all they had and gave them as gifts. They all had little hands.

Susan, But it's a good one. I move things out of my closet 4x's per year. In this household we have sky products, sky cheese, sky cookie crumbs, sky bacon bits, you get the picture. I may not eat off the floors but many do here. ;-)

Peg, I'm not a purple person and I just couldn't figure out how to use that ombre effect. This ended up being perfect.

Martha, As I write this the 3 now full grown bandits and their Mom are pirating seed from a small feeder. I'm guessing this family group will stay together this winter. They need to plump up. Sunflower seed is almost all fat.

Michelle, Purple is actually a pretty nice color. That pile of pups didn't show Spike on the left arm of the chair. It IS wide enough for a dog to sleep on, or beg from.....

LA, I think Sunday's in fall are their favorite times, they have a captive audience.