Monday, April 3, 2017

The Apartment

Take your pick of movies by the same name, French 1996 film or American 1960, but I figured I'd share some pics of my Mom's new 10th floor digs. Good pics are hard due to the contrast but you get the gist.

Even managed to find room for Dad's big ass tv

 She loves living there and I love knowing she has 3 provided meals daily (there are four different restaurants) along with as much social contact as she could want. And OMG, the view......

Threading continues slowly on the pillowcase warp. I have been enjoying the band loom way too much and although I am slow, the band moves along at a steady pace.  I have a warp slowly taking shape on the board for Fiona. It's a color and weave effect, slow measuring and likely slow weaving, but that isn't a bad thing. Spring is coming and watching the wonders unfold again after winter is entertainment in itself.

Stella had her 7th birthday last week and Robin has his 6th this week!

Where did the time go? Puppyhood is far too short.

I sat on that Asymmetrical tunic pattern forever and now I don't know why. I love the pattern and I love the fit. What I didn't love was that it was sleeveless.

 I make and wear sleeveless but to extend the value of the pattern, sleeves were really required, so I drafted the armsye to take a known nice fitting sleeve and couldn't be happier.

back detail
 I really want to play with some color blocked versions of this and you can be sure I have some great scraps and limited yardage to pick from.

These two pieces were both odd fabrics I had purchased, years apart and in some weird color way they work together.

 I probably won't wear them together but the pants have already had an outing or two. See above with grey tunic. Note to self to grab that top and a brown ( or grey blue!), sweater and embrace the funky.

Did That Just Happen?

Oh boy, that EPA roll back and climate denying. It's a flipping mess. It's me, looking at all the beautiful places there are around us and wondering if anything will survive the onslaught. I cry over it.

Really, the ties with Putin and Russia run very deep and the trickle is turning into a steady drip but you might have missed this one.

And speaking of Russia, why is not our President and the head of the State Department at least raising diplomatic alarms at this clear violation of human rights. Makes me wonder if this administration is simply taking notes on procedure.

Parting shot: Happiness is, a good afternoon nap!


Peg Cherre said...

I'm in love with that asymmetrical tunic pattern. And ever so impressed at how you can simply throw sleeves into something. Wish I had your skill! Or at least that we lived closer so you could mentor me. Maybe I should plan a trip to the northwest sometime....

Peg Cherre said...

Oh, yeah, and Mom's apartment looks GREAT!!

LA said...

It looks like your Mom is settled-in! What a fantastic view! Happy Birthday to two wonderful JRs!!!!

Susan said...

What a great apartment! I love that asymmetrical top - I don't do sleeveless, either. Your pups are just adorable. As for the news of the Great Cheeto and his Cheezettes, there can be nothing but bad out of that group. It's almost as if they are hell-bent on undoing everything that came before them. Heaven help us.

Cindie said...

So what's the name of that assymmetrical pattern again? Love your Mom's apartment - which building is she in? Love your 'did that just happen' post on your blog - it's something new and scary every day isn't it?!!

Judy said...

That's a lovely room for your Mom, with a great view! I'm just getting ready to help move my parents into an assisted living place close by. It's always fun to see the clothing that you're sewing and I love those fun leather high top shoes!!
Have a wonderful weekend,

Theresa said...

Judy, Leather hits are Clouds sneakers. Very comfy!

Cindy, Indigo Junction's Asymmetrical Tunic...clever huh? ;-)

Susan it was an easy draft but really the top looks great with a shrug or cardi too!

LA, yes, she is pretty much getting settled into the culture and apartment.

Peg, the view is amazing. There does seem to be a fair amount of country between NY and OR doesn't there?

Leigh said...

Stella is 7?!?!? Gosh, I remember her adorable puppy pictures! How time flies.

Your mom's apartment is great. Really pretty and comfortable looking.

And as always, I'm amazed at how productive you are. :)

Maggie said...

I really like that pattern, too, and I like it a lot better with sleeves. Good job! I'm going to copy you again!

Unknown said...

Stella is 7! I remember when she joined your family, thank you for all the great blog posts over the years. Nancy