Thursday, April 20, 2017

Snowing, Just Another Word for Nothin' There but Mud.

You can think that title humming to the tune of "Me and Bobby McGee" if you like. If my pics don't dazzle at least I can give you an ear worm huh? ;-)

Just when it gets both warm and somewhat dry in the garden, it either pours or snows. of last weeks drives to town,

 and today the damp solid is again gracing us. Last night the horses needed fly masks this morning I'll have to yank them off, if they haven't done so already on their the mud...somewhere...out there.

But if garden endeavors are stalled, inside at least is productive and entertaining.
Pillow case warp, finally in progress

 and looky there, the evil color and weave warp is done, choke tied and ready for warping on Fiona.

 I see lots of shuttle throwing in my future. Both these warps are pretty long. I may jump the tracks doing a 7 yard color and weave project but we'll see.

The start of a very pretty lilac linen towel on the Nick, the Macomber.

It may be soggy and gloomy outside, but inside we have SPRING, this top proves it.

 I loved this fabric so much I went back and reordered 4 more yards. I'm seeing some retro pillowcases or maybe an apron. Both and then some!

This Mississippi Ave tunic only carries the Spring theme along.

 Sleeveless and with pink trim, it got an outing on Easter. Who needs bunnies when you have raccoons in bows?

I also freed this beautiful, magical book from the shelves.

 For those that have ever gotten the catalogue from The Webster's you are familiar with the artwork of Mari Gayatri Stein because it has graced their covers for as long as I can remember. Fitting too, because Mari passed away earlier this year, either on my birthday or the day before.

Our own strange moon last week. Spooky times at the five in the morning farm feeding.

Have I mentioned I love my new Joy 2 wheel Amelia?

I started spinning some long treasured fiber on her, a 50/50 baby camel and merino blend and it is spinning like butter. A little tricky but this is the first wheel I have been able to get it all together to give this fiber a go. And that brings us to the 216 yards of worsted/dk weight hand spun and plied BFL yarn
that I finished spinning this week.

 Free for charity knitting or give it to someone you know who charity knits, first come, first served, just let me know in the comments section.

Did That Just Happen?

Oh god, where to start. Let's start with the two most dangerous moves the orange asshat has made in the last week or so. Bluffing on boats and then backtracking. Is there nothing he won't lie about?
And let's saber rattle over the Iran nuclear deal, because lord knows no one is going to be happy unless we are marching to war with at least 3 or is 4 countries and pissing off many more in the process. He just can't wait to bomb the sh*t out of someone for something as soon as possible.

And look here, Exxon is asking for sanctions to be removed so they can go ahead and with the 500 billion dollar deal with Russian state owned (Putin) oil giant Rosneft. Wasn't this Vlad's plan all along?

But there is a plenty to scare us here at home, never fear. I find this one of the scariest things. Let's all let big business bury whatever they don't like. Didn't the tobacco companies do that so many years ago?

Parting shot: After a day at the spa.


  1. Those tiny huck squares on your pillow cases are just too wonderful! What a great use of that structure! We all need a spa day from time to time!

  2. I just LOVE the parting shot. So tired I can't even keep my tongue in my mouth. :-)

  3. Sad state of affairs that you don't have to search much for things to put in your "Did That Just Happen?" post of your blog. I dread turning on the news in the morning to see what new crazy, scary, dangerous thing is happening within this administration.

  4. Waves hand for yarn! I have nothing on the needles right now, and a quick cowl to put in Homeward Bound Pets' gift shop sounds perfect. So glad you've found the right wheel for you; I haven't spun in ages....

  5. Michelle, it's all yours, I'll get it in the mail this week! Yes, I found the Goldilocks wheel I think.

    Cindie, Yep, our gov't is like a train wreck these days. You can't bear to look but you don't dare look away either.

    Peg, Smoochie does sleep the sleep of the dead. He's is just about totally deaf and that cute tongue falls out because there are few teeth to hold it in!

    LA, I love the pillowcase draft and everyone loves getting their own special handwoven pillow slip.

  6. Smoochie is such a perfect name for him! That is beautiful handspun, Theresa! Joy is an apt name for that wheel. How do you manage to keep up all those projects? Plus farm/animal chores? Even when I don't think I can be more depressed with the orange asshat and his forces of darkness, I am proved wrong. "Kill" seems to be an apt word to use in the headline, as they have been killing us for years, all in the name of profits.