Friday, April 28, 2017

The Day the Sewing Machines All Died

Don McLean might be proud  I fit that title in sort of to his song American Pie. And if you want a good ear worm today here you go!

But really one Sunday two machines managed to fail on me and a third decided he didn't want to wind bobbins anymore later in the week. Sigh! My stable of Pfaffs are all vintage 1980's and 1990's, so it really isn't surprising that there will be failures, but Pfaff has sold and they are no longer manufacturing parts for these German made, mostly metal workhorses and it was obvious that I needed to do something. I picked my favorite machine, the oldest too, the electronic 1171(no computer on this one) and called Brubaker's in PA. They are the only sewing center I know of that reconditions these Pfaffs from the bottom up and sell them with a 1 year warranty. They must have stock-piled mother boards and circuit boards.

 Anyway, I bought a newly reconditioned 1171, new circuit boards and the warranty.

  Sews like a brand new, well engineered, machine.

Didn't get gobs of sewing out of the salon, a simple sleeveless top in cotton lawn,

 some cute mushrooms made it to a modified Indigo Junction Urban Tunic

 and spring green linen pants which happen to work with a number of things in my wardrobe.

 I love this color, it might be my favorite green color and I like a lot of green's. Stella of course, refers to it as "Timmy Green", which I might add is the last of the solid rubber balls we have and can find no more of them.

Spring in general has not been forthcoming here. Most days have looked like this,

 but we had one afternoon that it was nice enough to do this.

And nothing gets my attention more than a light green book cover with a dreamy drawing of a horse on it.

"Tony" came home with me. His story is sweet, simple and soothing. The artwork lovely.

A little progress has been made on the pillowcase weaving. I cleared the Cendrel inkle loom of one band and put on another for kitchen towel hanging loops.

 I'm on my last towel I think on Nick and already planning the next warp, bright white hemp and spring green linen stripe towels. The linen is on order.

Did That Just Happen?

OMFG! I hate to say it but that is a familiar refrain around here. History buffs  can look back on the Cuban Missile crisis and realize that it was diplomacy that saved the day. Allowing Khrushchev to save face and back down and also a second deal negotiated allowed Castro to keep face with his country.
No such diplomacy exists in the current WH and the stakes are as high if not higher. What IS this asshat thinking?

I have no words for this but why with so much outreach available?

Russia, Russia, Russia. Can you imagine the outcry if this was HRC in office? I just can't imagine THAT many people having Russian ties and something not going on. Can you?

Parting shots: I'll clean your ears too!

And we'll keep each other warm


Cindie said...

I love those greens too, I've got chartreuse shoes and purses in addition to some clothing and jewelry.

Is Timmy similar to a racquetball ball? Those are pretty hard rubber blue though, at least the ones I've seen.......

Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear that the sewing machines in your stable all decided to poop out at the same time. It is nice that you managed to find a replacement and are happily sewing away on it. Love the new greens in your wardrobe, very spring like and pretty.

Oh no, a Timmy shortage! Hope you can find a new source for them or something that will be acceptable to the crew. Marigold looks so content with her personal spa treatment and sleeping arrangement. Pets for the crew!

Susan said...

Green of almost any shade is my favorite. It always makes me happier. It's been lovely here, but I have not had the time to enjoy it. I cannot even say what is on my mind vis a vis those asshats at the animal sanctuary. But it involves an eye-for-an-eye, a euthanasia-for-a-euthanasia. Your dogs are so photogenic!

Michelle said...

Oh, such sweet puppies.

LA said...

Oh...what a sick feeling in the pit of my stomach! (Not POTUS related...sewing machine failure!!!) Sounds like you solved the problem.
The other problem is just an ongoing joke at this point.

Wendy said...

oyveh, my Pfaff 7530 was killed by a power outage, and I was told there was no way to replace the motherboard--they're not made anymore. I'm so invested in feet and accessories, plus I love the machine, so I didn't want to update. I totally got lucky and found one on Ebay--they're almost never available. Glad you were able to get yours fixed!

Peg Cherre said...

I love those green linen pants, too, and green is often not my color...generally doesn't look good on me, but those pants would be a definite exception.

As always, your puppy shots are a joy. Always makes me think Jack should get a friend. I just never know if he'd really like it. Indecision. Sigh.

Theresa said...

Peg, I just finished up a nifty new Scout T version in the leftover spring green.

Wendy, I've gotten one of my machines on eBay. BTW Brubakers also sell on eBay.

LA, nothing some tears and cash won't fix! The stable should all be up and running this week.

Michelle, Yes.

Susan, of course I love lots of other colors too....

Martha, we have looked everywhere for these balls, and they have been discontinued.

Cindie, We'll have to investigate this new ball idea!

Fran in Aus said...

Wow! I can't recall ever seeing your sewing room pictured in your blog before so I feel that I've had a treat. And sewing machines dying is not something I like to hear about but as a collector (and sewer) on ancient Singers which only do a straight stitch, I know that won't happen to me with my ancient ones (my modern Bernina would be a different story). Old singers are built like brick outhouses. And as for your loopy, dimwit of a POTUS, you have my sympathy. I hope he stops making himself a laughing stock in the rest of the world before he starts a nuclear war.

Theresa said...

Fran, It is rare that I snap pics in the sewing salon, mostly due to neatness and space issues. Yep, those old Singers are workhorses. I have an old Kenmore around here that is used for upholstery work. As to the orange cheeto. The world has my apologies for him. He is itching to take us to war, here with the police force and abroad. I fear for us all.