Saturday, March 25, 2017

March Mudness

Yep, let the wet and wild windy weather of March fall down upon us, melting snow pack, seasonal streams bubbling up and slick as snot boot sucking mud cover the landscape. What's not to love?

Just like I stupidly bought a new car in January, I decided to replace comfy chairs in March, also a month famous for mud hooks. That would be the condition of the front paws on most of the dogs. Terriers gotta dig and apparently mud is like ambrosia after a long white frozen winter. A doltish decision, but check out that chair and a half for the new comfy chair. We have two new chairs because the first one, electric and supremely comfortable for a human was only a 3 dog chair.

It was just too pitiful looking at the two dogs that use to be able to snuggle in the old chair, sitting on the floor longingly and also too uncomfortable when they tried to make the 3 dogger a 5 dogger chair. Hence this half price 1.5 butt recliner in light beige!

Yikes. Let me tell you the places that sell recliner slipcovers are abysmally slow.

In other news around the mountain, Cindie and I got together for a little Kitchen Store shopping last Thursday. Mostly I picked stuff up for my Mom's new place. We branched out and had some fun at a few other stores too. As always, it's a treat to go out and visit a good (and creative!), friend.

I have been threading for pillowcases. I'm treating Shrek the Baby Wolf like a Macomber, removing the front beam and dropping the beater.

 It's tight, but with an itty bitty stool I can thread pretty easily.
Of course that didn't stop me from making a grave error on heddle spread and had to pull all ten inches
of threading out to start again. We are back to nine inches right now.

Sewing for the most part was more summer than of the season. Just what do you sew for mud season I wonder, yellow rubber?

These two sleeveless makes will do summer beautifully and of course, add a sweater for now.

Leftover 1.25yards of cotton

Voile Mississippi Ave top. Snow yesterday
I just had to get the hedgehog fabric made up into a fun tunic. Cotton linen blends have a bit more body but are not terribly heavy fabrics. This should take me into summer and come out again in the fall.

The trim on the pocket is a band I wove BTW. And a little hanging tab on the back.


Russia, Russia, Russia! So many orange threads lead to the Kremlin.

And it appears if you disagree with Putin at all, your life is at risk.

But if you are sick of Russia, you can skip on over to Cyprus! Do a little banking.

Lastly not news, but a really well done commercial with a conscience. Trust me, it's good. There's a dog. ;-)

Parting shot: What dogs in chairs wasn't enough??!
Miss Marigold at 14.


  1. Geez - the commercial brought tears to my eyes!

    Miss Marigold looks so sweet!

    One good thing about moving from country to city life is the loss of mud season. As you well know, in the sticks the seasons are winter, mud, summer, mud. I don't miss it!

  2. Great commercial.

    Love Miss Marigold - she looks great at 14.

  3. I had seen that commercial on TV, but somehow I missed the end. Thanks for sharing. BTW...when you get tired of that hedgehog top, I know someone who needs it!!!! LOL

  4. Peg, that commercial is quite awesome. LOL, mud seasons do seem to be plentiful in rural areas!

    Cindie, she does, doesn't she!

    LA, hopefully the hedgehog link I sent you was fruitful!