Friday, March 3, 2017


We had some Internet issues on the 1st, and dog issues after a dental on Tuesday but it's been all smooth sailing since then. My 59th birthday came and went on the 1st too and a lovely dinner out with Gene, my Mom and good friend Sandi.

Scallops! Yum!
Beignet's! Even Yummier!!
Some great B-day goodness to share. This awesome quilt, handcrafted by expert quilter Sandi,

covers the king sized bed I might add
 a beautiful new cookbook from my Mom

The recipes are simple and beautifully presented.

All veggies. The growers markets can't open soon enough.

 and look at this awesome surprise card and goody from dear friend Cindie.

 Foxes (and JRT) do, after all, rule!

I'm told Ikea is keeping DH gifts hostage and I'll share the new yarn containment cabinets as soon as they arrive and are assembled. Today though is a little shopping spree at the Webster's.

I did manage to get a perfect fit on the Indygo Junctions Asymmetrical Tunic pattern.

 This would be Version 3.0, complete with inseam pockets. This will work as a jumper too BTW which is how I'm wearing it out today!

 I used a mid weight Japanese linen/cotton fabric I had bought last spring. I had a hate love relationship with this fabric over the last year, but now that it is made up, I not only love the fit and feel of the garment, I'm loving the fabric pattern all over again.

I was on an Indygo Junction roll. I wanted to raise the neckline on this Urban Tunic.

 It was just too low for me to feel comfortable in, so I did a summer version with a substantially raised neck and am MUCH happier with the pattern.

 It also offers a boat neck but I know very few people that one is particularly flattering on. Certainly not me! The grey linen pants are a new addition to the closet also.

The usual amount of cutting went on and very little weaving. This next week is going to be busy. My Mom's big move from cottage to apartment happens. There will be packing for a day or two and then the unpacking. We have pared down a lot. Some rugs and artwork will be coming here, and the rest with her. Busy, busy so if I don't touch base next week, you'll know why!

Did That Just Happen?!

You know I have to say, the hypocrisy is DC is mind boggling. The GOP not even giving Obama's moderate Supreme Court Justice pick a hearing for almost a year and then crying foul when the Dem's talk about slowing down their pick. Here is another instance. Where is the outrage that was directed at HRC for doing the exact same thing?

OMG, the flipping Russia thing and all it's little slimy fingers feeling their way out of what appears to be a very dirty WH. WE really do need an independent investigation and quite possibly one into the dealings of the FBI. We also need to see some tax returns, don't you think? And this all needs to be done before permanent damage is done to the environment and our contacts around the world, with like our real friends....

Let's wrap this up with something enjoyable. The Smithsonian's 14th Photo Competition. Some stunners there!

Parting shot: Post surgery R&R, new quilt and all.


  1. Happy belated birthday!!!

    Lovely will be ready when warm weather arrives.

  2. I love that tunic but wouldn't be caught dead in a sleeveless garment. I have to almost physically stop myself from clicking on the Webster's site (curse you...:)) as every single kit seems to be calling to me. Urgently. Lovely BD quilt and absolutely adorable pup. As for the political stuff - it defies logic which, in reference to the Overlord, is either redundant or an oxymoron.

  3. Belated wishes for a very Happy Birthday! Looks like you special day was wonderful and filled with not only good things to eat but lovely presents as well. Hope the surgical candidate is up and feeling much better.

  4. Lots of pretty makes and political crises. I'm sure the one helps you maintain sanity from the other; it's a struggle for any of us who choose to be aware of what is going on. And the hypocrisy! Don't get me started!!

  5. I am crazy about your tunics. Must buy that pattern!

  6. Martha, I always find the IJ patterns easy to work with and good for jumping off for something more custom.

    Michelle, Yep, I hear you. Sewing helps as does banging on one of the looms!

    Martha, Thank you. Stella is feeling MUCH better after her molar extraction. Sadly no Timmy for 7 days. She's driving me nuts.

    Susan, You know, as far as the sleeveless thing, I'm over it. Sometimes I do like a linen shrug or light cotton sweater but when it's hot, who really cares? The Webster's a boon and curse. Such a lovely store full of lovely people.

    Valerie, Thank you! How goes things up there in the north? Weaving up a storm or two???

  7. Happy happy! That quilt is STUNNING!!! Isn't it grand to have such good friends? And you little 4-legged bud at the end looks so cozy, makes me want to curl up on my bed, too. :-)

  8. I agree with you so much about all the crap in DC. It's so upsetting and I am trying to function despite it all but find it difficult.
    I love your prolific sewing!