Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Goody Procurement Department

Over the last year I've had to find different sources for my fabric habit. While Fabric of Vision has had some awesome little pop up sales of some special and unusual fabrics, they are not the bread and butter of my sewing.

Coral leather and some very special gauzy linen
 Cotton and linen remain the mainstay, with some wools thrown in when needed. Natural fibers. I ran into a FOV alumni last week in the grocery store. She didn't really like the fabric stores she found online and wanted to know where I had been buying my fabrics. Etsy! I have plumbed Etsy and found some wonderful sellers. She was going to go home and give it all whirl. I hope she did!

For those reading, here is a list of my go to sellers.

Spindle and Rose. Alexa is a lovely seller to deal with, and who doesn't appreciate a beautiful thank you card with their sweetly wrapped order.

FABRIKSHOP. Not the largest collection but some really fun Japanese fabrics. I got my lovely flannel raccoon fabric here. It's been a favorite tunic this winter season.

Fabric Supply. Mostly, if not all Japanese fabrics. I like her index too. I've bought a fair amount of fabric here through the year.

Pink Door Fabrics. This is one of my newer discoveries. She sells new fabric coming out on pre-sale and I like that. Some pretty cute quilt patterns I might add and some good sale fabrics too!

JAQS Fabrics. They carry a huge inventory and offer free shipping over $50.00

For linen I have one source and it is Fabrics-Store.Com  I have used just about every weight and color of linen offered. Their IL019 line of mid-weight linen is the staple pant/jacket weight for me. Their finally woven IC64 makes the best tunics and the heavier 4C22 line makes great towels and bedding along with heavier garments. I've ordered a lot of yardage from them and have never been disappointed.

So there you have it, you have been enabled!
And here is some eye candy of recently curated fabrics.

The foxes are a linen cotton blend and the moths, a cotton lawn.

Check out those raccoons. The fabric is called "Snacks"!
And let's whiplash into ...

Did That Just Happen?
Rep King, I think you have America all wrong or maybe you are what is wrong with America.

For the life of me, I can't understand why we wouldn't want everyone covered under a single payer system, but barring that, why not just fix the ACA instead of this?

I wonder just how we will explain how we turned our backs on this in the coming years.

And little tempest Stella gets her own perfect storm. My Northeast friends, stay warm and safe.

Parting shot: Happiness is....


Tobie said...

I am not so polite about King. I think he should go back under the rock he oozed from.
Thank you for all your fabric places. I never thought to look in etsy.
And they don't want to fix the ACA because it's Obama care and he's black.

Anonymous said...

Happiness is a wonderful fabric stash! Happiness for the crew is a timmy of one's own and lots of blankets!

LA said...

It's always good to have fabric sources!!! Thanks for the information. "Lead me not into temptation....."

Yvonne said...

Thank you for the fabric information! I especially look forward to exploring the linen site!

Theresa said...

Tobie, I just can't imagine King making it through 2018..fingers crossed he doesn't.

Martha, Just so!

LA, There are lots of fabric purveyors on Etsy. The simply have tastes similar to mine. I'm betting a search or two may land you a few more!

Yvonne, the linen sit is WONDERFUL! Have fun!!