Thursday, October 1, 2015


I couldn't say no when I was asked by my local yarn store The Websters to join their Spinzilla team. I doubt I'll be the most productive spinner on the team but I have set aside a decent chunk of time every day to spin and am laying in some fabulous fibers.

 This one is called "Rusty Bucket" and is from Etsy seller Gargoylelover

and another artsy batt is coming from Kitty Mine Crafts. And of course I have some wonderful bags of roving from friend Cindie at Eweniquely Ewe Fibers too. I'm hoping to spin at least a mile!

In between spinning practice I have managed to get a couple of fun things sewn up. Here is my spooky fall tunic for 2015.

Alexander Henry always comes up with some interesting skull and Day of the Dead prints don't they? I used TSW Florence pattern without the tuck or collar, added side seam pockets and for plackets used up some scraps of the taupe linen I had from some recently made pants.

I had made mention of a new pattern in the mix. This is the first run through of the Metro Middy Blouse by Folkwear Patterns.

 I have to be honest, I haven't used a Folkwear pattern since the mid 90's
and the couple of blouses I had sewn up then had their share of fit issues. This pattern was released in 2011 I believe and I have to say the drafting seems so much better. I did nothing to this pattern for adjustments and the fit out of the envelope is close to perfect. I love this open decorative collar and can see having a lot of fun drafting slightly different shapes and even bringing it down to a modest shawl collar.

My one gripe is the length. It is meant to be short and swingy but it is a bit too short for my style these days, so the next one will have some length added. Easy enough.

The weaving end of things moves slowly but it does move! All 4 looms have seen some action. The Murphy loom has a prayer flag warp on it and have just gotten past weaving in the header. A little weaving on the Gem's overshot runners, the pillowcase warp moved about 18" and a bright white and orange warp is being prepared for the new to me 32" Macomber, serial number 4411. I was told she was made in 1966 for a customer in Portland ME. It certainly has traveled some. The 40" Macomber was made in 1953. Both were made in Saugus MA although Macomber is now located in York Me.

The fox and I have our egg routine going again. We had a little break in service due to the raccoons but we have got our timing issues down. The foxes come early, just after sunset and the raccoon is an early morning visitor for the most part. I have seen some incredible bucks this year but alas it is hunting season and I'm doubtful I will see these handsome deer again. We did have one die under our deck. This little fellow was seen by the paddock on Saturday.

I chased him off from being near the horses and goats because it was obvious he was sick. The wasting disease or WNV or something else, who knows? Gene pulled him out on Sunday and tractored him into the back 40 to let nature take her course.

My Mom is doing great! We are having a Macy's day Friday!

Parting shots: Siblings ,when they aren't snarling at one another. ;-)


  1. I'm looking forward to seeing "Rusty Bucket" spun up! What a lovely piece of fiber. So sorry to hear about the deer in your area. Come to think of it, I haven't seen my little "herd" in a few days.....

  2. Love the new tops. That batt is incredible - can't wait to see it spun up!

  3. I like that Folkwear top, and SO glad to hear your mom is doing better!

  4. Beautiful fiber! I look forward to seeing it spun up :-).

    Odd about the deer under your deck. I found a deer skeleton in the woods last month, all clean and white, so the natural cleaning crew had been there. I wonder if yours chose to be close to your house because other predators wouldn't bother it there?

  5. The Folkwear blouse is gorgeous! Love the little bits of whimsy you added. So sorry that you had a death under the deck but at least the deer found a quiet place. We have no deer near us on this side of town and I miss them.