Tuesday, October 6, 2015


Since  the summer we have had a raccoon problem. They are not my favorite woodland creature but then again, I have to admire them. They are smart and adaptable and very successful as a species in general. I was going to live trap this particular raccoon until I saw her with a kit. The live trap went back to its owner and we sat it out. For the past 3 weeks I have only seen ( and been raided by),  her.
The trap was fetched, I got the fox by accident one morning last week and almost got a skunk. Finally, after putting the trap BACK in the tack room, Sunday night/Monday morning Ms. R. Bandit was secured at last.

I felt rather bad, it was like cheating on a worthy opponent. Just as it was beginning to get light we loaded her into the Subaru and drove her up the BLM road a good 4 miles out. We had originally discussed taking her down the road to a little used dirt road, but after going down and scanning around there last week I had decided it was too different. She lives in deep woods up here with a little grassland/meadow and I want her to be successful in her new area. There are streams and no houses, this is all part of the Cascade-Siskiyou National Monument  and there are a lot of trees! It took less than a minute to have the trap out of the car and get the door open and she was off. Good luck girl, I'm glad we did this in a time of plenty instead of winter.

Spinzilla started yesterday and I have filled about half a bobbin with the Rusty Bucket art batt.

It is, for the most part. pretty easy to spin but some of the add ins can make it challenging to draft down easily. It's a learning experience for sure. It certainly has an October/fall/Halloween vibe.

I had promised a pic of the yellow pillowcase in process

and here too is the in-process warp for the new little Macomber.

I really need to name her!

Lastly,  Little Knits had a sale on Namaste products and I picked up these two circular needle cases.
They have some great daily deals and this was one of them!

I have all my circs and double points thrown willy-nilly into a travel bag. I am hoping to get a little better organization happening on that front. Anyone have some good tips for storing knitting needles?

Parting shot: Teasing Turkeys with my bird call app!


LA said...

I'm so glad you were able to relocate your little bandit! LOVE that "rusty bucket" yarn!

Mary said...

Very newsy blog post today and so fun to see all the turkeys, the racoon, the spinning, and the cases for circular needles. Those cases are a wonderful idea.

Kristi Founds said...

Love the Rusty Bucket, although the art batts aren't my favorite to spin, I do love the look of them. Glad Little Knits had some Namaste left. Ours are all gone, and Namaste is no more. Sad, we loved their work. Happy Spinning, and congratulations on the raccoon wrangling!

Theresa said...

Kris, Not my favorite either, but it is so pretty and I can see it done up in something, maybe fingerless mitts or a small shawlette...

Mary, I guess it was newsy and I didn't even cover half of the goings on. ;-)

LA, as annoyed as I get with the deer and the raccoons, it's never far from my mind just who the resident and who the visitor is to these woods....

Hilary said...

Ahh.. unlike you, I adore raccoons but I can see why people get so frustrated with them. Thank you for safely relocating her and taking her young into loving consideration. Hopefully the kit has already figured out its own pre-winter foraging routine. You might see it around for a bit while picking up the slack it mama's absence.

Coco said...

Love that you caught the rascal! My most trying wildlife experience was a mama possum who had her litter in my pool filter shed. Aack - I had to flush her out eventually with the hose, before my pool turned green...she took herself and the babes over to my potting shed. I gave up.