Thursday, October 15, 2015

Developing New Habits

I think it is easier to develop new habits than change old ones, at least in my experience. In any case Spinzilla helped me to set a new good habit and that was to pull out my lovely spinning wheel and use and enjoy it every single day.

I started practicing a week or two before Spinzilla and now have continued a little daily spin time afterwards. I'm certainly more comfortable with my wheel and my spinning has improved too. Win win! I didn't spin as much as most of my fellow Team Web-ster'ers but I certainly met a personal best goal and I had a lot of fun with the two art batts I tried. Team totals come out next Monday when they announce the winners.

Tuesday night I took a class with Kris at the Websters too learn the magic loop method of knitting small stuff in the round. Much easier than all those double points to do socks and mitts and hats.

In the sewing salon a couple of pretty and feminine makes are done. This is the second go at the Folkwear Middy Blouse pattern and it awaits closures and hemming.

The fabrics are all linen. The collar is a vintage linen bridge cloth I found at the huge Rogue Valley Manor annual flea market sale.

I think it was $2.00 and in pristine condition.

When I saw this white and gold linen fabric at Fabric of Vision, I knew I had to pair them together. The Middy blouse was the perfect choice.

Second up is a simple modified Mississippi Ave top.

 Both fabrics were leftovers saved from other projects and fine woven linen (blue) is such a perfect fabric for under garments.  It was a fast sew and almost too pretty to hide.

Lastly, I used this heavier rustic linen for a Sewing Workshop Liberty shirt.

This is a TNT pattern for me and I find I make at least one of them a year. I used up the last of some favorite ribbon on this too.

It will see a lot of wear; good color and good weight for colder weather.

A trio of books has made it up into the knitting/spinning book library.

It's been a while since I've added to it! And we couldn't leave the Web-sters without some Unicorn Tails!

I want to point EVERY dog owner who reads this blog to check out this article on Peanut Butter and xylitol. I use peanut butter every day as a vehicle for dog medications. This is showing up more and more in products so please, check your labels especially on human foods that might find their way into your best friends tummy!

Parting shot: Watching me watching you.
Hazel Rose and Charlotte


Martha said...

So good to see your creations. The Middy and the Liberty are two of my TNT patterns, as well. Seeing your Middy, I may need to make another for the cool weather that is coming. My previous ones were very light weight linen. Thanks for the lovely post!

Cindie said...

Love your new creations from the sewing machine - as always, they're great. Fun find with that piece of linen.

Great that you've gotten into spinning now - it's so relaxing.

LA said...

I think Charlotte has the right idea: snuggle under the covers!!! It's nice seeing your spinning wheel being used again....good for you!!!

Michelle said...

Beautiful tops, and thank-you for the xylitol tip!

Shuttle, Hook and Needle said...

Sad to say but my spinning wheel has been gathering dust for a long time. I had two but recently sold one. Maybe that is the secret - do a little bit every day. I keep dreaming of sitting by the wood stove hooking or spinning while the snow flies! Loved that parting shot!

Kristi Founds said...

It was fun having you in class on Tuesday. I felt like I was muddling my way through. Too much time since I taught anything, but I did enjoy it! Spinzilla's got me spinning everyday, too. Did that last year for a month or so afterwards, maybe I'll try to keep it up this year.

Peg Cherre said...

I've gotta say, I much prefer 4-needle knitting to the magic loop method. I found the latter left noticeably bigger 'gaps' in my knitting. But that's just me. Whatever works for you is what you should do.

My personal preferred peanut butter is Smuckers All Natural Creamy. Ingredients: peanuts & salt. Period. Yes, it separates and you have to stir it, but I like that.

Hilary said...

You do such lovely work. And so cute that the dogs are watching. :)

Coco said...

What fun you're having. And knitting - I really want to try some socks but despise knitting with 4 DPNs - I should look into magic loop.