Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Bogged Blog

Yep, it happens maybe not to all of us, but at one time or another, most of us. Now is my time when there are so many things going on and lets face it, life is much more interesting living it than writing about living it. ;-)

I promised some pics of the outdoor crew, I didn't get everyone but I got some beauties of my little red pony.

He's 20 you know and I think is looking pretty darn good.

Dandy doesn't know he's moved into the "senior" realm and I sure am not going to tell him.

Big Sal the AVL Production dobby loom left a little over a week ago. It is nice to have all that space back. Even broken down she took up a fair amount of floor space in my back room. The Murphy loom is happily out there with a prayer flag warp on him. I got it wound on and tied yesterday, even a little test weaving and four I have made two threading errors in the first two inches. I transposed the order in a portion and will have to cut the whole thing off, and rethread those couple of inches.

The new aprons have been installed on the 32" Macomber and they look great. I need to replace some rubber pads and then we are good to go. Maybe I'll get a small maiden warp wound this week. A big maybe....

The pillowcase warp is now well into the third case, a pretty sunny yellow and I'll certainly get pics

One of the triple weave blankets I made back in 2011 has been bound in linen and given away to a happy couple for their first wedding anniversary.

 Hopefully it will be used and enjoyed and worn out!

My Mother came through her third hip surgery pretty well and after a long recuperation is scheduled to come home Friday. What a long miserable summer she has had with this. Fingers crossed that other than regular PT she can go back to just enjoying life, and some shoe shopping....;-)

Sewing has been slow, a few things finished, many more cut and awaiting to become something. I have a few new patterns in the mix I'm excited about.  Here is one most recent make.

 A lovely Japanese cotton paired with some great medium weight lightly crinkled linen pants. The tunic is another modified Sewing Workshop Florence.

I have also taken the Sew House Seven Mississippi Ave dress and done some modifications to make a simple camisole.

 A staple in my wardrobe in all seasons. This one a light linen. And oh heck, how about a selfie wearing it and the crinkle linen pants.

The blouse was made last fall and is the Sewing Workshop's Liberty pattern.

I can't promise that going into the fall we'll get more regular with posts this year, but I'm sure going to try. And I do keep up with the blogs I read even if I don't always comment.

Parting shot: Oh NO! She found it again....


Michelle said...

Dandy is a handsome devil and doesn't look a day over seven! You sound like me; family is taking up all available brain band width as well as much of your time. So glad you got your folks moved here BEFORE your mom had all this trouble!

Mary said...

I was JUST thinking that your life was too full for blogging lately and I hoped to see a blog up soon. I had no idea that your Mom had a third sorry for her medical issues.

Dandy looks marvelous-you have a touch with your animal companions.

Love the new makes, and am lusting after the autumnal fabric choices you used. I am in the midst of making a series of shirts for Ross using the Negroni pattern. Blue, light blue, grey, denim etc.

Coco said...

I love your blog posts...sorry you're so busy having fun that you can't post! Dandy looks great, a handsome guy. And can't wait to see all the makes on the looms.

Your redraft of the Mississippi is great. I like it better than the dress. And enjoyed the selfie. Your hair is so cool!

Glad mom is doing better, I think of her often, and hope she really does have this thing beat now. Best wishes to her.


LA said...

Look at you making a selfie!!! Great outfit! I'm sure Spike is glad you found the hat.....LOL! So sorry your Mom had to go through a 3rd surgery. Hope she heals quickly.

Hilary said...

I love the cutting the pattern down something I could handle I wonder, I would wear that all the time.

Theresa said...

Hilary, I caught up with you privately, but for anyone else reading, the top/tunic/dress pattern I used as a cami is super easy to sew in all iterations.

LA, Selfies are not my strong suit, but Spike sure does look adorable in that silly hat. My Mom is home and doing well. Thank you!

Coco, we're just a little patchy with posts and not giving it up all together. Promise. I went Jamie Lee Curtis short with my hair and love it. Thank you for the good wishes to Mom, she is doing well at home so far.

Mary, she is home now, finally and doing well. Dandy continues to be the handsome shiny penny of the pasture. I am enjoying using mostly fall colors. I struggle with blues but actually have a dark blue linen on the sewing table right now.

Michelle, Dandy is also vain, but I will pass on your compliments. He was seven when he came to live with us and we have adored him from the moment he stepped politely off the trailer. Hope your hectic days have had some relaxing moments....

Hilary said...

Your work is just beautiful.. and so are you. I love the selfie.. and Spike's silliness. Best thoughts for your Mom's speedy recovery. Hugs to you.