Thursday, September 3, 2015

Loom Downsizing

No, that does not mean that a loom has left, it means that I found a smaller version of something I love. The ergonomics of the Macomber loom and the ease of weaving on it suit me quite well. I decided to put a call out on the sales lists for the 32" size.  Now fiber folk in general are excellent enablers and within a week someone had contacted me and they were right over in Klamath Falls, a mere 40 or so miles from me!  I looked at it last Weds, haggled and paid for it and Gene picked it up yesterday in the truck. It needs a bit of work, new aprons have been ordered and two additional harness kits to turn her into a 6/8 configuration.

BTW, for anybody interested in a new Macomber I was told the factory is going great guns and they have about 40 looms ordered and in production! Wow!! And that is such good news for a small, very specific type business. It also means my harness kits will be 6-8 weeks. It's all good! I really only need the aprons and those are quickly made and shipped.

Of course we had a day of musical looms. The Murphy went out into the back studio room. The AVL should be picked up within a couple f weeks I hope.

The Gilmore Gem took up it's perch in the front guest room, with the great view and the dressers full of fibers.

 The two Macs will live in the studio proper. The harnesses have been removed for transport and will not go in until I have a chance to clean and give the wood some quality polish.

In the loom excitement a few things got made in the sewing salon. I'm pretty much into fall type sewing and eyeing my coat patterns to use some of the great wools I have curated over the last couple of years. A Merchant & Mills Top 64 got made up in two great linen/cotton fabrics.

 Love the browns and teals. I also made a very modified Grainline Scout T in some lovely Japanese double gauze.

And no, I could not resist adding in some of these silly little cheerleading bears!

This one is hiding on the back under the side seam pocket.
With a little cami or long sleeve tee this will serve for fall into winter wear easily. I so prefer light layers and a sweater. I use to love turtlenecks but for the most part now, I find them too hot and confining. I have kept a few for winter riding.

I have added just a little bit of spinning into the morning routine

while catching the first half hour of Dan Patrick.  I'll probably never be a great spinner but it makes for a fun start to my day combining the latest sports news (gossip), and fiber. ;-)

My mother made it home last Thursday and it was wonderful. But there are still some problems with the hip, it pops out and she will need a small additional appliance inserted to keep the ball tighter in the socket. The surgery happens Friday and hopefully she will be released from the hospital in a couple of days. What a slog this has been for her! There has been a silver lining, she has met a lot of new friends during her stay in the health center and that is no small blessing after having just moved into the area. Their year anniversary will be 9/18!

Fall is slipping in slowly here, the heat is leaving the days are clearer and crisper, the temps well down at night. Horses are starting to lay in their winter coats. I see the hint of curls and ripples starting.
Next post I'll have some pics of my handsome steeds.

Parting shot: I insist....
Stella and new favorite, Orange Timmy!


  1. amaze me with your loom shifting! Have fun with the new Mac. Is it an add a harness model that you can add shaft if you want to?

    Glad to hear that your Mom is headed in the right direction and that she has some new friends.

    Love the top with the cheerleader tabs!

  2. Fantastic loom shuffle, that Murphy has always caught my eye she is a beauty.

    Stella! I love your new orange Timmy!

  3. I sure hope the fire danger has passed!!! How stressful. I understand your love of weaving on the Macomber....I get to weave on the one at the Center sometimes. What a joy! Love the tops (and the new orange Timmy!)

  4. I still haven't been able to sell my Cranbrook. Really wish I could and make more room in the studio. I've woven on Macomber's and they are work horses. Glad to hear your Mom is recovering and home now.

  5. Heh. You have as many looms as I have wheels!

  6. Hey, good to hear from you LOTL! Wow, I can only wonder what the 4 lovely spinning wheels are now.

    Louise, So sorry on not selling the Cranbrook. It will go, sooner or later just waiting for it's new owner to find it. I love the Macs so far. Who would have thought a girl who started out CM and CB would end up with jack looms?

    LA, we're still considered "extreme" a couple of hours of rain and cool temps help of course, but not enough to drop our fire danger levels. We'll need some sustained moisture for that. Soon we hope.

    Martha, Stella is tickled you like her beautiful orange Timmy, she of course would share if you were closer..... I thought about selling the Murphy again for about 2 days and then Gene helped move it into the back room instead.

    YES it can go up to 10 harnesses but I think really I'll only ever want 8 max on this. The add-aharness kits are pretty dear now so I could only afford to add two, making her 6/8.

  7. The cheerleading bears are ever so cute!

  8. I'm amazed at how easily you change out looms. I'm thinking about trying to sell my 40" 8H Gilmore after our move and may need a little advice at that time. I'd like something smaller and not so heavy, if that's possible.

  9. I love that happy Stella face.. so cute. I hope your Mom will fare well with her upcoming procedure and that she enjoys her new friendships for many more years to come.

    Thanks for always being so kind and thoughtful, T. You're a gem.