Friday, August 21, 2015

The Proverbial Dog Days

August has always been the gateway to fall for good or bad. When I was younger, it meant the demise of summer vacation. August was the month equivalent to Sunday. When I was older and worked, it meant my favorite vacation time was coming up. A week in early October spent at the family summer home in West Pawlet Vermont. Now it is the month when we hold our breath and pray for early rains. It is smokey, dusty, dry and hot here in Southern Oregon, fires to the north and south and resources spread so unbelievably thin that should there be a fire in the valley, the 12 man volunteer roster of the Greensprings Fire & Rescue would be needed to assist through Jackson County. A fire in the forest, ODF (Oregon Department of Forestry)  personnel and resources are in John Day and on the Stouts fire. We have been informed we are on our own and that pretty much sums it up for every rural fire department in Oregon and Washington and maybe California.
Anyone know a good rain dance?

But sitting and worrying about stuff is really non productive. The pillowcase warp has seen some action and pillowcase two is almost done and I'm planning number 3. Beautiful new Macomber made aprons have been installed on the Murphy loom and I am planning a prayer flag warp.

 Something a bit different. I've been fleshing out the details in my mind and am just about ready to commit to winding it up.

I've also been working on some gift knitting. All I can show you is the selection of little cashmere balls! ;-)

It's quite nice to work with though....

A few makes up in the sewing room, two TSW Florence shirts, both in a rustic medium weight linen. These are more for fall but really, linen is a year round fabric.

 I had fun with the little added details on both.

I also tackled another Tina Givens "Bianca" duster, this time in black linen. I had forgotten just how much I dislike working with black and this was a fiddly garment made more so by the color.

 It is wonderfully wearable though (has pockets!), and will see a lot of use, so worth the time spent on it.

I'll be spinning at the Josephine County Fair Saturday morning with friend Cindie. I'm not a great spinner but this certainly will be enforced practice and the event should be fun and interesting. I know the company is!

And as I said, it IS the dog days, so parting shots of course reflect that!


  1. Our furry friends have the right idea. Sleep the day away and stay cool. I just couldn't get any work done if I did.
    So scary about the fires. How I wish that it would come a slow cool soaking rain to put all of the fires out. We have a daughter in Nevada City CA but no fires are near her - yet. We watch and listen to the news every day and dread hearing about another fire.
    Love the duster!

  2. I love the tops and the details really add a nice touch. It is a bit scary in the Pacific Northwest these days. Even on the coast they have banned any kind of open flame everywhere. That doesn't stop the visitors from trying to have bonfires on the beach though. I do wish people would stop and think. We drove through your area on I-5 a couple of weeks ago and stopped at the Co-op to grab some food. We never saw the surrounding hills and the smoke was thick all the way through the Siskiyous down into the valley on the CA side. We never saw Shasta. Hope we all get a lovely rainy fall to settle everything down, soon! Take care and have fun spinning at the fair!

  3. We are in a drought here in Alberta and have had forest fires through a lot of the province. We were in British Columbia for the past two weeks and the drought there is worse than here. Many homes lost and this affects so many families. Today looks like a fall day here in Edmonton and it is much cooler. Love those doggy pictures. How are the barn cats doing?

  4. I sure wish I could share some of this soaking rain with you...the news reports of the wildfires are so scary. I'm curious about your design idea for the 3rd pillowcase...what are you cooking up????

  5. LA, the something different is for the prayer flag warp going onto the Murphy loom and I too wish we had some of that lovely rain you have!

    Donna, I know BC has been experiencing drought conditions for a few years, sorry to hear it is more widespread.. We are down to one barn cat. I suspect she drove her sister off. I think they would have been better served to have given me a male and a female. But the one that stayed is becoming much more friendly. She meows at me from the tack room doorway to hurry up and get her breakfast ready.

    Renee good to "see" you for a visit. Yep it has been smokey and hazy just about all summer. Here's to an early and wet fall!

    Louise, Oh yes, my gang of 9 are well versed in the benefits of napping......even my horses take a long siesta most mornings. So many effected by these fires. I don't know how many years it would take to dig out from their historic drought. Hope for a wet wild and snowpack filled winter for everyone who needs it.

  6. Like everything you made...especially the black TG duster!

  7. Hello friend! The black duster is awesome-I love the neckline and the ties. Very pretty and as usual, gorgeously made. The other pieces are so pretty...and those pants with the border print are terrific. Stay safe and I will do some rain dances.

  8. I love all of your makes, especially the Florence. I am in the process of making my first version. More will follow your excellent inspirations!

  9. Martha, The Florence will be a piece of cake for you and I am sure you will do that wonderful pattern proud. Your Tremont Jacket is stunning as is the blouse you just finished!