Wednesday, June 10, 2015

The Right Tools Make All the Difference

That statement applies to just about everything, be it work or hobby. A tool can work for you or it can work against you. And so we come to a tale of two ladders. Actually we have a lot of ladders, tall ones, short ones, extensions right down to a lowly step stool and they all serve a purpose. For painting, any old ladder just won't do!

 My parents gave me the ladder on the left and it's wide steps are comfortable on the feet, the platform is sturdy enough to hold stuff or stand on, lightweight, folds for storage and it is a great height for getting to most shelves and cabinets. It is a super ladder for using to stock, rearrange, clean out etc. It is not a good painting ladder. The shelf is too low and narrow for a paint bucket, it has no place for brushes or rollers or to hang a rag for that matter. A ladder for painting has some pretty specific features, holes for different sized brushes and handles, a hook for hanging gallon cans and also a tray large enough to hold a 5gal bucket, which is what most painters use when they work.

 I've said it before, and I'll say it again, those trays they sell for painting stink. They hold very little paint, which means it thickens too fast, they are awkward to move around and they just don't distribute the paint well on the roller. The industry does a great disservice by even selling those things. A 5 gal bucket, a roller screen and a good roller with appropriate sleeve and you are good to go.

 Plus the buckets have airtight lids and won't rust and handles. Color Paternoster has been applied to the foyer and this weekend I'll tackle the trim. It was nice to refresh that space.
Oh and the painting contractor, MIA and not returning calls...GRRRRRR.

The anniversary dinner was a fun time and Anniversary #58 has been dubbed the year of the sock.
We ate out on the rooftop deck and even had a quick hummingbird visit!

Both parents got a couple of pairs of silly and fun socks. Obviously Gene and I will be thinking hard on what #59 should be.....

There has been fun up in the sewing salon. Two Mississippi is done and been paired with some cream twill skinny jeans.

 Now you know these won't get past the season, white never does. It will only take one good swipe from one of these monsters to do the pair in. Diggers gotta dig.

It is the way of things.

I pulled a lot of curated summer fabrics and went on a  cutting frenzy, fueled by unseasonably warm temps. A few new patterns thrown in too for good measure.

This is one of them, the fabrics are a seersucker and a voile. I am using some leftover lightweight linen (polka dot), for the bodice lining. Another Mississippi Ave dress has been cut in linen. I can't get enough of this pattern and will do a few more (shorter tunic length) since I think they will wear well in cooler seasons under things as a cami.

Weaving on the deck has been fun, but then the really hot weather set in and I rolled the Gem back into the studio. This weekend we are breaking down the AVL. Gene has volunteered to help. That will make some room and the Gem can go into that beautiful space for the summer and make use of the shady back deck as we wish.

We have moved on from orange to yellow for the 4 placemats, 2 of each.

Then it's onto runners/dresser scarves. I love the way the grey is making the colors pop.

We had thunder storms yesterday and already there is a forest fire in a wilderness portion of the monument, which means BLM makes the judgement call on how it is handled, if at all. ODF did get permission to fly some water tankers over and drop but no vehicles or boots on the ground at this point.

Parting shots: Wrestling!



  1. Very scary business those forest fires! Hopefully it will be no wheres near you. You are right about the ladders. Gotta have one suited to painting but still my ankles hurt from climbing up and down. Glad you sold the dobby. I still have my Cranbrook even after coming so far down on price. Gotta sell it soon. Need the space and I can't move it.
    Happy Anniversary to your parents! Love the parting wrestling shot!

  2. Weaving placemats on the porch! What fun! It sounds like you pulled out the seersucker just in time for the hot weather!