Thursday, June 4, 2015

A Very Special Day Indeed!

June 4, 2015 marks my parents 58th wedding anniversary. You know, after the 50th even Hallmark doesn't have an answer for what the traditional gift is for the 58th, so we kind of did our own thing.
Tonight we'll have a nice celebration at The Loft, open a few silly gifts, toast and just enjoy that not only do I still have both parents, but I have them right here, 45 minutes away. Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad, I love you both very much!

Last weekend Gene and I were like little house elves. Busy working on this and that. I worked in the garden and annoyed the wildlife.

 He installed a much requested front screen door. It's not a terribly expensive one, gotten at Lowes or Home Depot for about $100.

 The fit and finish of these doors isn't what it use to be, but it closes securely, has a heavy duty mesh and grill on the lower portion for dog activity and allows for some much needed air flow from front to back through the house.

The Gem is in use. In fact it is in use downstairs.

We brought it down so that, weather permitting it would be an easy roll right out the door onto either of the decks. For moving it to the front deck I don't even have to fold it up, it just fits through the larger 36" front door.

 Of course the moment we brought it down the weather changed and it was too cold, wet and damp to want to do anything outside but be happy that there was moisture. Doesn't matter though, they are calling fire season officially this Friday, about a month early.

The pattern on the Gem is an overshot and because I am using a very heavy weft, is a bit distorted as to proportion.

 That's fine with me, I find the pattern interesting and pretty either way. I'll do two placemats in this orange color way and two in a bright yellow I think and then hopefully get 2 runners out of the warp. A short yellow one for the bathroom dresser and a grey and green one for my dresser upstairs, beyond that it's all gravy. It bears repeating, Gilmore Looms customer service is second to none! I knew when I bought the Gem new last year that I wanted to add a few things. Last week I ordered a 10 dent reed, an extra 200 heddles and a front cloth tray. The items came to me well packed within 5 days. I was kind of scratching my head on the tray installation, but a quick phone call and Bob's patient instruction on the other end got me through.

It was a total head slap moment if you want to know the truth. Bob might be getting a chuckle out it too. Anyway, Judy and Bob Allen's customer service and products are excellent regardless of whether you have a new loom or have picked up a vintage Gilmore and need to restore it.

In the salon of sewing machines, things have been kind of quiet. One Mississippi is done,

Two Mississippi is in process and that's about it. I'm hoping to get in there this weekend for some sewing time.

Charlotte had a trip to the vet Monday. Her back is bothering her and we are trying to find a combination of meds to give her some relief and not damage her kidneys.

 Right now we have her on Tramadol and a kidney function diet because at 17 they are beginning to show some wear and tear. You all know if you've followed this blog that the high teens are challenging. At this point everything is pretty much about quality of life, which is not to say we aren't planning on a few more good years!

Parting shots: The Young and the Restless



  1. Love the overshot pattern and color. And your Missippi - now, that's my kind of fabric! I'm glad you like little harmless snakes, I do too.

    Happy and congrats to your folks. How wonderful.

  2. You are such a busy bee!! Congratulations to your parents! Wondering if your Dad is still weaving since the cross country move.
    Charlotte always looks like a drawing in a children's book to me.....such a sweet looking pooch.

  3. This must be a good year for snakes...I have seen posts from lots of people about finding them this Spring. I have traps on several of my Schacht looms....LOVE them!

  4. Your weaving herd is wonderful! I adore my 8 shaft Glimore and have always thought about adding another to my collection. Tramadol works wonders for my elderly Old English Sheepdog, Sam - he is able to function without hip pain and enjoy his days sleeping on our deck. Your Mississippi top is awesome, the fabric reminds me of a dress my Mother sewed for me in the 7th grade - cool, very cool!

  5. Congratulations to your parents and warm hugs all around!

  6. Michelle,
    Thank you! I'll pass those hugs around generously.


    I think I've hit just the right combo of looms, of course if smaller Mac or Gilmore appeared in Southern OR at a great price I wouldn't turn it down, but 3 is a good number and one with 12 shafts makes it all very flexible. Good to hear about the Tramadol, much less harmful than Duramax for a long haul. The Miss. Ave dress is getting its first outing tonight for the celebration.

    Yes, Michelle at Boulderneigh had a bull snake featured. I like snakes actually, even though I find some of them rather scary...

    Valerie, I will send the Congrats along. 58 years is a pretty darn long time. The Spring is set up at his place but he really has been so busy, no weaving going on. I am hopeful though....Charlotte is special, but then again, they all are....

    That fabric mimics butterfly wings, quite pretty and it was well priced. I think it is a Robert Kaufman lawn at costed out at about $12.50/yard. I'm having fun with the overshot!

  7. Here's a huge congratulations to your parents on their wedding anniversary!! Your screen door is such a great idea, I'd like to do the same on my studio door to get some fresh air flowing. What an awesome weaving space and it's great that you can move some of the looms outside to weave on one of the porches. Your overshot project is looking good. There's something quite classy about overshot and it gives such a nice textured effect with the pattern against the plain weave. Enjoy your weaving!

  8. I hope your Mom and Dad enjoyed their special day.
    I love the colours you have on the loom right now and it almost looks like the antique coverlet patterns I come across at work.
    Its good to catch up with you again...

  9. And oh yes the later years of a dogs life can be trying and full of heartache but they hold such special places in our daily lives don't they...
    My Maddie is 15 now.