Friday, June 19, 2015


Which is exactly what my Mother's hip did last Saturday morning. This post could have just as easily been titled OUCH!. It earned her a quick ride in an ambulance, two days of what appeared to be excellent drugs and a new hip. They sprung her on Wednesday looking pretty good and surprisingly mobile and pain free after replacing the hip Monday afternoon. Oh she'll have lots of physical therapy but it is amazing how quickly one gets back on their feet.

As things calm down we'll get back into some house projects. I'll be painting some of the satellite areas, kitchen, studio and upper hallway during the summer. Gene will do the high walls and stairwell so I am told. We'll see. Fire season is in full swing. We have had beautiful weather up here, mid to high 70's during the day and cooling down into the 40's at night. but it is dry with no rain predicted.
The summer patterns has arrived.

Last Saturday also found me breaking down Big Sal for her move at the end of summer. Before

 and after.

The Gilmore Gem is in the back room now and the difference in available space is certainly

The sewing room had seen some action with some new patterns and an old favorite thrown in for good measure. This linen gauze didn't want a lot of manipulation, just something simple and easy, so it became Grainline Studio Scout Tee

with just a little embellishment.

Decades of Style has come out with a couple of cute easy patterns. I decided to try the Given A Chance dress and it was a fun make.

The origami front yoke was a lot of fun and the drafting, as in all Decades of Style patterns, is very good as are directions.

 No adjustments needed with this one at all. I did not do the arm facings opting instead to do bias binding. The seersucker and voile are a perfect cool summer combination.

A cute linen Mississippi Ave dress/tunic was completed

 as was a cotton Liesl & Co newish Gallery tunic and dress pattern.

 I am not a collar fan and dislike anything high and tight on my neck. The neck on this was very high so I trimmed it way down and finished with self bias binding instead of a collar and stand and am MUCH happier. Both the Liesl & Co and Decades of Style patterns will be made again. Nice patterns both of them.

Outside the garden is thriving and we've have had a couple of visitors to the garden in the early mornings. I snapped this pic of one of them making good his escape once discovered.

It goes without saying I used the zoom feature on my phone. ;-)

And an last minute addition because everyone needs a good laugh.
Dogs getting pranked!

Parting shot: R & R


  1. I can't tell what your visitor was! (Please enlighten.)

    So sorry to hear about your mom, but it sounds like the doctors put her back together in record time!

  2. Ouch indeed! Best wishes to your mom for a speedy recovery.

    How do you find time to do so much sewing and weaving! Great makes.

  3. Oh my! So sorry to hear about your Mom...but it sounds like she has really bounced back!!! Great summer tops--perfect for all the hot weather ahead.

  4. Your mom sure came through that like it was a piece of cake! Isn't it amazing what they (the doctors) can do these days! I love the little mice embellishment.

  5. Sweet new tunics and Mississippi dress! Your fabric combos are wonderful, as usual. So glad to hear your mom is recovering well.