Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Back At It

Well, I was hopeful for a quick recovery, and 1.5 weeks post back pull does find it better, just not 100%. Bending to lift objects, like wiggly dogs is sometimes painful and bucking hay bales down off the stack out of the question, but I'm pretty much off Advil and by mid morning, things do feel almost normal.

I spent a lot of time in bed last week so this is a pretty lean post. I did get a new bathrobe made.

 This had been sitting in one of the tubs, cut out and marked,  for quite a while. I got to it because I wanted to pirate a piece of fabric for another project and only these fuzzy sheep would do! The fabric is a soft Japanese low nap flannel.

 I did the lining for the robe as an interlining, which means I sewed the two fabrics together (outer and inner), before sewing the garment together. I like this better than a loose lining for a bathrobe. The inner fabric (shown in the placket and on the sleeve cuffs), is a lovely cotton that was part of the Downton Abbey collection.

Another large grocery bag was made too.

 I have a second one to assemble and I may reverse the yellow and zebra print fabric. The lining will stay the same.

And here is how I used that small amount of left over flannel sheep fabric. I had just enough.

Now these treadle protectors aren't as nice as the sheepskin ones, but they didn't cost me the better part of a $100.00 dollars either. They feel nice and they do the job. We have been getting to know each other. I love this spinning wheel and have about 1 bobbin full of so so "getting to know you" yarn.  I'm learning all the small adjustments. This really is quite a versatile wheel.

I have both big looms cleared of projects although new projects will be going on them soon. We have decided to hire out the bulk of the downstairs painting. I'll still do a couple of small rooms and the majority of the trim, but the high hard places and the stairwell someone else will do. That of course frees me up to get some warps on the looms. The long 12 yard warp for pillowcases is in process for the Macomber, a small overshot warp has been done for the Gilmore and I am still thinking about what to put on the Murphy. Maybe prayer flags...TBD at a later date. :-)

I did get out for a little walk once a day with one of the herd. This day it was Stella.

check out the single wrinkle!

We met up with Juno by the wood shed. They greeted each other politely and then did it all again after rounding  each side of this big log.

But they aren't the only ones out enjoying spring.
Parting shots: Pacific Tree Frog


  1. Glad to hear that you are on the mend. But, it sure sounds like it didn't keep you down!

  2. Glad your back is on the mend. Love that yellow bag!!! But then I do have a weakness for yellow.

  3. Nice bathrobe. Love those fuzzy sheep. Glad you are getting better. No fun being sick when there are lots of other fun things to do.

  4. Backs can be buggers; glad yours is getting better this soon!

  5. Hi there T, so glad to hear your back is healing. I am in love with the sheepish bathrobe, the tote back and the spinning wheel footie cover thingie.

    Take lots of Advil and get rest.

  6. Pulled back - yucky. Glad it's healing. I love your new robe - what great fabric. Your shopping bag is so pretty. I use re-usable bags for all my shopping as well, but none are as nice as this.