Friday, May 22, 2015

Finally, Painting!

Yep, took forever to get started, between obligations, pulled backs and various other self induced procrastination techniques. It felt like I would never get started. Not only did I start, but the first floor bathroom is just about done.

 Only a repaint of the trim (this weekend), and we'll be leaving this room and journeying down the hall to the foyer. I even found the perfect chest of drawers for storage.

 Just look at that paint job, all done for me in a nice hard smooth enamel paint.

 I was thrilled when I saw this in the window of a local used furniture place. A little Yankee bartering and we were good to go. Let's be honest, while the color combination is a pretty one, not many places have need for it and it had been there for a good little while.

For those looking for the perfect grey, I've found it! Paternoster by Miller Paint, but I suspect the formula might be available via Pittsburgh Paint also. The grey itself is not too dark nor light, and a true clear silver grey, no blue, plum or brown tones. This color will be used in the foyer and don't be surprised if I dream up another place to use this lovely soothing color. The yellow of course is my own experiment using a gallon of a yellow I didn't like, Devine Mango Beans and now a bit of a soft cream to tone it down just a bit. My kitchen will be losing this color so it is nice to see it as a pop in this downstairs pit stop.

Last Thursday was the season finale of my Mother's singing group Joyful Noise.

 I've been to a number of my Mom's concerts through the years and have enjoyed them all.

This one was no different! I was even able to catch these few pics with my smart phone.

 Like all singing groups they will take the summer off and get together back in the early fall.

Other than painting not much else to report, we have had days of drizzle, rain and basic grey dreariness. The moisture is obviously good for our parched woods, not quite like a slow melting snow pack, but better than nothing. A few of the passing fronts have brought some real gully washers.
It's been cold too. By the time all is said and done, we'll probably only have a quarter of a cord of wood left from this past heating season. Gene already has some large rounds for next falls heating season to split, but he's waiting for some dryer weather. Maybe next week.

Parting shot: Marigold is always popular when it is chilly, not to mention her coveted spot near the radiator!
Marigold & Hazel Rose


  1. Was that little chest already painted in those colors??? What a great little find for the bathroom. I'm glad you're still getting some moisture for your neck of the woods.

  2. Sweet chest Theresa...what a find to go with your snazzy bathroom.

  3. Love the cheery yellow in the bathroom - great find on that chest - it's perfect.

  4. LA, yes, the chest came that way....woohoo!

    Mary, It certainly was!

    Cindie, That custom mix of mine is such a nice yellow, I will have to save a sample and have it duplicated by a professional

  5. Great colors in the bathroom. so clean and edgy. I have someone coming next week to clean and repaint all my woodwork - baseboards, doors, door frames. I used to do this sort of thing by myself - alas, the bod can't take it right now and now is when it needs doing :-)

    I've been watching your weather, knew the snowpack was sad this year. Glad for your rain!