Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Horse and Raven

These two do this little dance almost every afternoon feeding. Always the red Horse from what I've seen but then again, I don't watch every night.

Raven knows horse knows he's stealing bits of seed heads. Sometimes horse ignores him, other times
the ears flatten back, the neck gets that snaky thing going and raven ruffles his feathers and steps back a bit. Sometimes Horse will swing his body around to move raven completely away. And sometimes Raven and Horse will be eating almost side by side. Raven almost always has left by 6:30p.m.
I have to take these photos from a good distance away. The raven is a cautious bird and will fly away if I get too close.

I was going to start painting this past Monday but the weather turned cold and wet. Instead of being able to open windows up while I used oil paints in the kitchen, we had the wood boiler Rube running again heating the house. Of course this is all my fault. I put away my winter clothes and brought out the summer ones AND bought a dining set for the deck.

We got to eat one meal on it Saturday night before the yuck moved in.  We need the yuck though, lots of rain on Monday and yesterday we had numerous bouts of rain and snow mixed. We'll take it, as much as Mother Nature wants to send us which looks like all week.

Gene burned some slash piles we had over the weekend. It was getting almost too dry for that and we had one little creeper start up about 10 feet from the pile. It was put out and the rain took out any residual smolder the fires might have had.

It has been productive up in the sewing salon. The last Zebra bag was completed and a nifty pair of pants in black and white.

The print looks like pen scribbles! These are done in the now TNT Skinny Pant pattern by Jocole. I did up a second pair of pants in a stripe from one of my other TNT patterns (Sewing Workshop Trio pant) but neglected to get pics. If I think of it, I'll snap one or two.

The real fun was getting a new load of summer stuff cut and ready to sew. Some great prints and fabrics to work with! The first one off the pile is this years awesome fish pattern.

Last year was the Pet Piranhas, this year I'll be ready for Shark week.

 Isn't there a third Sharknado coming out? ;-) And there are more animal prints coming up. This may be a critter kind of year for sewing.

I'm about a third of the way threading the Gilmore Gem for overshot runners. It's been a very long time since I did an overshot pattern and the threading is slow for me. The second bout of pillowcase warp on the warping reel is just about to be counted, tied and removed to make way for a third. I need 488 ends in all and the warp is 12 yards plus long. Takes me forever to get these long warps done and ready to be beamed. This will go on the Macomber. I should get a fair amount of pillowcases from it.

The towels for the Greensprings Fire & Rescue silent auction are done and gone.

 I have more to hem but these were the important ones to get finished.

The Murphy loom will be idle for a bit. I have the new aprons I ordered from Macomber, just need to make the time.

Not much outdoor stuff happening, due to weather but inside we are snug and dreaming of riding horses and weaving on the deck. Maybe by the time I have that overshot pattern threaded and sleyed it will be time to fold up the loom and bring him downstairs for the summer. No doubt that will cause more crappy weather! ;-)

Parting shots: The power of Pairs.
Smoochie & Marigold

Stella & Robin


  1. Fantastic new outfit with the B/W pants, Tetris top and Zen bag. Wow! Hugs to all, Mary

  2. How fun! Lots of watchable wildlife in your neck of the woods. I'm glad to hear you got some moisture, even though I know it's no replacement for the snow pack.

  3. Very handsome towels; they should bring a handsome price! We're getting much-needed rain here, too; I got to ride in our well-watered arena last night. :-)

  4. What fun...critters are fascinating. I mean, how can black birds, blue jays, doves, and a squirrel all share a birdbath, one after the other? Then there's raven and horse. Always amazes me and makes me happy.

    Yea sharks! what neat fabric.

  5. Coco, We are blessed to be able to watch the interaction of many forms of wildlife here. Horse & Raven seems to be a long standing relationship! ;-)

    Michelle, Thank you! I rounded up some nice finery things for the auction but I secretly hope the towels do well. Glad you and Lance are out and riding.

    LA, Yes, we'll take moisture in any form at this point. It isn't really changing the overall drought conditions, but every little bit helps to keep the forest as moist as possible for as long as possible.

    Mary, Thank you, love those scribble pants and the pattern is so darn easy. I have them together in under 2 hours. Hugs and pets right back to you and the Nick's both large and small.