Saturday, April 25, 2015

The Morning Shadow

At least one of the feral cats is getting comfortable with me. Wynken watches me go into the barn most mornings from about 20 feet away and when I am finished doing what I do in the tack room, she scoots in to get her share of the fresh breakfast that has been delivered. No cat food is left in the barn overnight. I carry it in in the morning and take up in the late afternoon.

 I spent the majority of the week in the valley. My Dad and I spent a lovely Tuesday visiting some  plant nurseries way out in the Applegate and Grants Pass areas. Wednesday was a Mother/Daughter shopping day in Ashland and I took my Mom to my hairdresser for a nice cut. We shopped shoes and books and had a proper lunch at Larks in the beautiful Ashland Springs Hotel. Thursday was the Growers Market and my own food shopping and yesterday I decided to throw my back out planting a dang tree. All my weekend plans have fizzled for the moment. It wasn't the shoveling, the ground was light and easy, I just twisted wrong when I bent to pick up the tree to put it in the hole. I've rarely had lower back problems and I'm hoping this goes away quickly. Like tomorrow.......

While I was in town this week, Gene and floor guy Phil were working on this!

 It's probably best I wasn't around much.

There is still some caulking to do around the sink but for the most part, it is done.

The room will get a fresh coat of paint sometime this spring/summer. I have colors already picked out. The camera doesn't do this nice sheet vinyl justice at all. It looks like a soft grey linen. This is the same flooring that we put in the laundry room.

I did manage a quick sew earlier in the week. This is some of that heavenly Japanese linen, in a polka dot. I have this fabric in a grey dot too.

 It is hard to find so I buy it when I see it. The hand is quite different from either Belgium, Irish or Italian linen.

The Macomber is empty, folded up and under cover.  I got six towels from that warp and some sampling.

Two of the towels will go to the Greensprings Fire and Rescue silent auction.

The Murphy loom will be cleared today of it's warp. I can sit okay for short periods and weave a bit after a couple of Advil's. I also have a good start on the warp for the Gilmore. I am going to do an overshot pattern from the Bertha Gray Hayes book. Tangerine is the name. The warp is a plain medium grey unmercerized cotton which I think will show off any colors I might chose nicely.

I sold Big Sal.  I had loads of fun learning the mechanics of a dobby loom on her but she is poorly suited to what I like to weave, which is short warps and not quite so intricate patterns. Plus she takes up a ton of real estate. She will be leaving me in Sept. but I'll be breaking her apart sooner than that. Probably July or August.

I also sold my Lendrum spinning wheel. It was a lovely wheel but I pined away for my Schacht wheel that I never should have sold. I don't spin often so when I do, I really want to love the wheel I spin on. With the Lendrum, I sent some nice braids of wools and a few little bags of some other fibers I think along with some locally harvested Romney wool. I personally think every wheel should come with assortment pack of fibers to try, kind of like a box of chocolates....
Anyway, the lovely buyer in New Hampshire sent ME back a thank you gift. Virginia West's Swatch Book, signed from 1985.

 What a treasure.! Thank you Gwen, so very much!

 There will be one or two warps at least inspired by this collection.

 I replaced the Lendrum with another Schacht wheel, this one a Matchless (pics next post!). As always The Web-sters took good care of me through ordering this dream wheel to delivery! I am so lucky to have a first rate yarn store as my LYS. They really are amazing and if you are ever in Ashland, they and Fabric of Vision are two shops you simply have to see to appreciate if you love fibery things.

So, that was the week that was in a nutshell, or at least a single blog post. :-)

Parting shot: Robin, who had been severely reprimanded right before this pic. Does he look contrite to you?


  1. Robin! What did he do? I love all the news in this post...thanks for keeping us all current on the clan. The new floor looks lovely and what colors are you painting?

  2. lead an exhausting life! Hope the back feels better soon.
    Robin looks contrite to least for now ;)

  3. Theresa, is there a draft for that Virginia West cover pattern? That looks so interesting & gorgeous! Does the book contain drafts at all? Thanks.

  4. Mary, I aught via the reply mode, but for anyone else wondering what Robin did, he went into room he isn't supposed to and snagged a well hidden ant trap and chewed. No poison was ingested but the scamp scared the crap out of us.

    Valerie, well not usually when it is well paced, but we didn't do a very good job of it this past week!

    Kathy, all the swatches are actual woven samples and yes there are drafts. The one on the cover is called Waves & Gulls done on 8 shafts, but there is also a variation on 6 shafts.

  5. Busy woman! glad you don't do floors :-) The towels are beautiful, the tan and black is my favorite of all you've done. Hope that back issue resolves quickly...

  6. No moss grows under your feet!!! Enjoy your new wheel...I'm looking forward to seeing what lovely yarn you produce.

  7. I have to give a hearty "second" on your recommendations of Web-sters and Fabric of Vision. The last time I went through Ashland I popped into both. Alas, nothing like them here on the north coast.
    I still have my first and only spinning wheel, A Schacht Matchless double treadle. It does everything I wish to do when spinning. I will not be parting with it. :-).
    Sorry you threw your back out. Sending good healing thoughts for a speedy recovery!

  8. Respect your back and if it doesn't feel better soon, you may need to find out why. Ian hurt his in a most innocent way and was laid up for six weeks.

  9. Hi Theresa. Just wanted to say how nice it is to see the Virginia West book. I took a workshop from her not too long after that was published. She was an amazing teacher, and we used many of the drafts in the book. Hope your back is better by now!