Saturday, April 18, 2015


Mother Nature and Old Man Winter are consummate pranksters and when the two get together in April, this is what you get.

 It started Monday night with a biting wind and stinging sleet and quickly changed over to all snow. Swirling and twirling around you as if coming from a fairy godmother's wand, or maybe Jack Frost's! It was a proper storm and at the end on Tuesday we had about 6 inches of white and wet.

The walls in most areas are bare in prep of painting. Monday the floor guy is coming to put in the new bathroom floor so I'm thinking next week is a lost week as far as painting goes. It's not like we have some strict schedule to adhere to, but once I start I keep going until I'm done.

The weaving has gone in spurts this week. The towel warp on the Macomber is on its last towel.

 This one in a bright ultramarine color.

I had fun with this warp, this loom and certainly finding colors besides black to weave with. The Murphy loom has about 2 yards left on it and will get my full concentration this coming week to weave it off.

 The Gilmore is empty but I am inspired to set him up with an overshot pattern and do some dresser scarves/runners. I have slowly been adding to the collective weaving library with some classic works.

 The Bress coverlet books are AMAZING.

 Between all three Helene Bress books (the Coverlet book is actually two tomes),  there must be thousands of drafts. They are being self published by the Bress family and the cost for all three is something like $79.00 plus shipping. A steal for such a wealth of information.

In the sewing salon the test run through of the Sew House Seven Mississippi Ave dress has been completed.

This one as a summer night gown or around the house only sun dress. I guess it depends on the time of day I'm wearing it!

Anyway, the pattern is easy and flattering. I needed a few adjustments to the armholes. The bust portion is roomy and true to size, the lower half would need to be added to for those who like more swing or are pear shaped. It is a very easy pattern to adjust and just plain pretty and feminine on. Even in kiddie fox fabric! ;-) Pair it with a lightweight cardi and you have a great summer day to evening look. The pattern also offers a tunic option. There are more of these in my future for hot weather wear.

Some fun fabrics have made it into stash in the salon. This photo print zebra light weight canvas for one

and a heavenly Japanese fine linen.

The hand on this fabric is just lovely, smooth, silky and quite decadent feeling. It is earmarked for a completely adjusted Mississippi Ave tunic. And of course in the  cooler seasons, my linen sleeveless tops quite often do double duty as cami's under heavier tops and tunics.

The weather is turning more warm than not. The horses are shedding. Cooper is almost all shed out, and Dandy not too far behind. The curlier the coat, the longer it takes to shed out it seems. The goats are blowing their undercoats and if they would hold still would get a little brushing with the slicker. But they are also silly playful goats and rarely stay still. :-)

I've glimpsed the feral cats a couple of times. The food is gone at the end of the day so someone is stopping by to nibble.

Parting shot: Before cropping. Catching Z's.


  1. SNOW??? You gotta love Spring! This will add some much needed moisture to your area, though. Love the fox made a great "dress". BTW, the coverlet books make a great weight when you're twisting fringes!!!!

  2. I can't believe you have snow. Everything here is in full bloom and turning green. I have all of the books except the Swedish one. I really wanted it but not for the price it costs.
    Love the towel pattern in the bright colors!

  3. We have also snow. I love the patterns on both looms, they are beautiful. I will look into the Bress books, it would be nice to have access to more drafts.

  4. The black/natural piece on the loom is stunning! Also, your Miss. Ave. dress is so much nicer than the website suggests. Will rethink this one, I like the 'different' seaming. Pretty.

  5. You got a bargain with the Helene Bress books! I love having them, but mine were quite a bit more. There's a waffle weave section in one of the coverlet books that has me mesmerized.

    Snow! Moisture! Isn't that what you need?

  6. I love the towels. they are awesome.

  7. Snow in April! I know it happens but it still amazes me. Love the pattern on the towels, specially with the ultramarine blue. The Japanese linen fabric is exquisite. I have the big weaving book and will have to take it out again to take a look. In spite of the snow, it sounds like spring is revving up.